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2011 3.5 running rough after changing coils

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I have a 2011 SEL with the 3.5. It needed ignition coils because it would start misfiring at hard acceleration. So I replaced them all.


Now its running really rough, misfiring at idle and dying, terrible acceleration and a popping or sputtering noise when accelerating at highway speeds. 


When it first did it, I got codes:








I checked it again this morning and I am only getting the p0300, p0302 and p0306 codes.


Does anyone have any suggestions? It has 225,000 (highway) miles on it so I am sure things will start to go bad on it. 


The coils I used were high quality, but not oem. Also, my brakes are bad and need to be bled. I'm only mentioning this because I saw a similar thread here and they asked about brakes. 


Thanks in advance for any help. 

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