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Problematic 2015 Edge Titanium 2.0L

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I've always owned GM cars in my ~20 years driving and have had about 15 of them at this point, a few of which I still own.  Ive picked them up a mix of new and used - mostly driven them  throguh the 30k-125k mileage range, although I've had a couple new, and a couple up to 150 and 200k.  When shopping for a mid size SUV back in 2015, we just didn't like the GM offerings- our biggest complaint being lack of direct rear vents as our main purpose was buying this for child on the way. 


So we branched out to try other cars and finally settled on this new 2015 Edge Titanium 2.0L as my wife loved it.  To start, the buying experience was the worst I've ever experienced (long story), but we figured we'd just never go back to that Ford dealer and that we'd be good to go otherwise.  Unfortunately this Edge has turned out to be the worst car we've ever owned in terms of issues.  We're considering getting rid of it early before something too major goes bad as we're only around 110k now.  Definitely won't buy an Edge again, and probably won't touch a Ford again either.


Issues we've had:

1 - Lane assist quit working suddenly.  Still broken, not worth the hassle to mess with it.

2 - Clips on plastic trim in front of sunroof failed causing it to flap at highway speed which cracked the panel.  Replaced myself and added the adhesive per the TSB.

3 - Navigation failed.  SD card died out of nowhere.  Replaced it myself.

4 - Evap valve broke.  Self diagnosed, but had an extremely hard time finding the replacement (including 2 dealers).  Someone on this forum helped find it luckily- but of course they dont sell just the valve, youve got to buy this whole 2 hose assembly.

5 - Hatch electric latch failed.  Fixed myself; what a pain to get it released - even with the service manual!

6 - Proximity sensors occasionally freak out at stoplights, 2-3 times/ week.  Not frequent enough to bother fixing yet.

7 - Front left brake line failed (before the recall).  This alone makes me extremely skeptical of Ford for screwing up something so critical.  Paid dealer to replace as I couldn't do repairs at the house we were renting at the time.

8 - Severe coolant loss.  Hosed down the engine bay from somewhere back by the turbo- twice.  Dumped probably a quart of coolant on the engine each time.   Cleaned it up, never found the leak, never happened again, hasn't lost any notable coolant in 50k miles.

9 - AC compressor failed (most recent issue).  Locked up and trashed the system.  $2500 at the dealer as I dont have AC service equipment.  Absurdly expensive repair for what it is.

10 - Sunroof has issues opening.  Tried lubing it, but it still seems like something is dragging.  Just quit opening it beyond the 'pop up' position.

11 - HID headlight failed.  I get light bulbs are consumable, but a $100+ bulb going bad at 60k miles is frustrating.

12 - Both front wheel bearings failed.  Replaced them myself.  75k when it happened, about 90% highway mileage, never driven through high water.  Earliest Ive ever had them fail on a car.

13 - Passenger glass is scratched from the factory (or dealer tint install).  We thought it was just the film that was scratched (again, long story with the purchase issues) and figured it would go away once we re-tinted down the road with nice ceramic stuff.  Well, they didn't - the aftermarket tint shop showed us the numerous horizontal scratches in the glass (after warranty of course).   Doesnt bother us enough to replace it.


Other misc frustrations:

-This thing EATS batteries.  Stock didn't quite make it 2 years.  Aftermarket replacement also failed almost exactly 2 years beyond that.  My other cars get at least 3, sometimes 4.

-The transmission fluid draining is a pain for DIY fluid changes (I get its a joint GM Ford trans).  Only lets out a few quarts at a time and you have to keep repeating, throwing away some good fluid each time if you're doing a DIY fluid swap.

-The Ford parts system is terrible.  As noted above, someone on this board had to locate that EVAP valve PN as I couldn't figure it out online, and 2 Ford dealers couldn't either.  Also had issue finding the correct front rotor.  Dealer gave me the first set with the wrong lug pattern, right diameter though.  Second set was too big - probably for a sport.  Finally had the parts department manager spend some time searching around with the VIN to figure out what we had.  Of course its special order only, none of the 4 or 5 dealers locally had it.  I just put the originals back on as they still had some life left and I was in the middle of a brake job.

-The Sync system is pretty terrible for its age (2015).  This was our first car with factory NAV and its embarrassingly slow.  Too bad we spent the money on it as it we just use our phones for NAV near 100% of the time.




Long rant, but its been the most problematic (both in terms of number of issues and cost of issues I've had - especially at just over 5 years old / 100k miles).  Definitely won't even consider another Ford once we finally offload this one; been a very poor first experience.

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