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"Rube Goldberg" 2.0 engine cover

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Traded in our 2016 Edge SEL last week for a 2020 Titanium...Burgandy Velvet with the lighter-colored interior. No long trips yet as we work on the break-in but absolutely LOVING it so far!


One of the first things I noticed was the lack of the plastic engine cover...not sure exactly why Ford did this. Could be some sort of design thing, Ford going cheap, problems designing/getting parts during COVID or due to some minor engine changes, they just fell behind and didn't come out with one. Anyone have an opinion whether Ford leaving the cover off was by design (for example, to help the engine to stay cooler, etc.)?


At any rate, living in the high desert of Central Oregon, it gets pretty dusty and gritty here and it just bugged me thinking of all that junk collecting on the engine. There are several threads in the forum where other inmates stated that the plastic cover from 2015-on would fit. If you run that Ford part number for the cover, it doesn't appear applicable for 2020 models.


Visited the local wrecking yard today and not many Edges 2015-on. Did come home with a pristine cover from a 2015 2.0. Due to some design changes on the newer engine, and a change in the valve cover where the oil fill was moved right next to the dipstick, not an exact fit. The underside of the cover has four rubber "pucks" that snap over the "nubs". 


I spent four years in the U.S. Cost Guard (aka, the "puddle pirates") many years ago. Due to continual budget issues and often being in the middle of nowhere, we prided ourselves in being "masters of fabrication"...if we couldn't get it, we'd simply make it.


So here's what I did...


First photo is the engine bay at purchase...no cover and no under hood insulation mat either;



Second/third photos (yellow circles) show the existing plastic "nubs" on the intake manifold that hold the front edge of the cover. This is the same design as past years, so they didn't change the intake manifold.




Fourth/fifth photos (red circles) show the brackets and "nubs" I fabbed to seat the rear edge of the cover. Due to some engine design changes, these are not present on the newer models;



The last photo (green circle) shows the cover in place on the existing intake manifold nubs and the two new fabbed studs. Snaps right in place after getting the positions right for the two fabbed ones. A TINY bit of trimming on the right edge to let the cover lay flat around the air intake snorkel.



Unfortunately, Ford moved the oil fill cap right next to the dipstick on the valve cover on the newer engines, whereas the older models had a larger space between them (the second hole on the right side). I cut the cover to be able to access the oil fill cap; just as easily could have left it be and simply popped the cover if/when I needed to add oil.


Sooooo...it ain't necessarily purdy but it IS functional and should do the trick to keep the dirt and grit off the engine.





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If you wanted to add hood insulation, you can add that too. The engine cover isn't too expensive if you wanted the proper one. 


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