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  1. lildisco

    How long did your original battery last?

    Little over a year, but the wife left the lights on over night & drained the battery. Didn't want to chance it & replaced it before winter. It did start up after I put it on the battery tender, but didn't trust it to last throughout winter & leave the wife stranded.
  2. lildisco

    2016 Edge Titanium Blower/Glove box

    Pretty easy to get in there. There's 2 plastic rubber retainer clips on each side of the glove box. Push them together & remove the 'shock' mount on the passenger side & that'll get you to the cabin air filter that probably should be changed if you haven't done it. A leaf or something might have worked its way down past the cabin air filter.
  3. lildisco

    Blow off Valve Bypass Adapter

    My CX7 came with one, this was supposed to be a direct swap or at least that was my understanding. I could do that, which probably would be fairly easy, but I'm a little uneasy taping into a vacuum line. I just got to look at where I spliced into a vacuum line for my Team RXP Catch Can & see if it's relatively easy to install. Plus spend the $40+ on a cheater plug
  4. lildisco

    Blow off Valve Bypass Adapter

    Just got off the phone with Turbosmart & they claim that the above part will not fit in the charge pipe as the mounting points are different. They suggest using the cheater plug mentioned above & running a vacuum line off the intake manifold. I'm not sure that i want to do this at the moment because the edge has been pretty reliable & don't want to mess that up. I do have a vacuum line that i use for the Catch Can, but not 100% sure how that's routed, so maybe i'll look into that before i return to Summit.
  5. lildisco

    Blow off Valve Bypass Adapter

    assuming that i need this one instead: https://www.turbosmart.com/product/kompact-em-bov-plumb-back-vr2/
  6. lildisco

    Blow off Valve Bypass Adapter

    negative. It also doesn't have anywhere for that vacuum line to go either
  7. lildisco

    Blow off Valve Bypass Adapter

    Welp, it bolts up, but there's an electrical connection on the bpv that's not on the new BPV. Assuming that it monitors boost, so no go for me on my 2016 fwd
  8. lildisco

    Blow off Valve Bypass Adapter

    Ordered a Turbosmart from Summit Racing. We'll see how this goes. Wife's always a little jealous of my HKS in my CX7
  9. lildisco

    Direct Injection and Carbon Buildup

    how's that possible when no fuel/cleaning additives hit the back of the intake valves? Having a Catch Can would prevent most of the deposits from forming on the intake valves in the 1st place.
  10. lildisco

    Long Term Carbon Build Up?

    I took it to a shop because i didn't trust myself, but you can definitely DIY. Hardest spot was trying to find a place to mount the can, which we found was on the cross member by the exhaust. On the expensive side, but I really like the kit: http://teamrxp.com/products/2010-2017-ford-edge-27-35-dual-valve-system Correct, which i still don't want in/on my intake & valves.
  11. lildisco

    Long Term Carbon Build Up?

    Using a catch can & using quality oil & gas will help with coking. Also changing your oil regularly will keep the impurities out as well. I wouldn't consider our 2016 SEL high mileage, low 41,xxx range. But I've had a catch can installed on it since around 12,000 miles. In the summer months, the can collects very little. In the winter months, it collects a lot more. It's not terrible, just need to check it maybe once or twice during the winter months to make sure that the can isn't full. May be different with other cars, but both my cx7 & edge produce similar results each year.
  12. Finally got around to putting the summer wheels on. Guaranteed to snow now. Busted out the power washer & combined with some elbow Grease, the winter wheels came cleaner than they've ever been.
  13. lildisco

    Issues with brake Calipers?

    Centric Premium Blank Rotors & Stop Tech Z23 pads are my choice. They've saved our bacon more than once & they produce WAY Less brake dust than OEM. ~$165 + shipping from RockAuto.com for the fronts. The fins are also coated that reduce the amount of rust on the fins of the rotors if you live in an environment that gets snow/salt, these definitely reduce the amount of rust that accumulates on the rotors over time. Here's my thread about it:
  14. lildisco

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    If disconnecting the positive cable scares you, then wrap your wrench in a rag or something like it that's non conductive & you're set.
  15. lildisco

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    remove the top of your airbox & remove it from the intake tube. Disconnect the hold down, the disconnect the positive battery cable & wrap the end in a rag or something non conductive. Then slide battery forward enough to remove the negative battery cable. Slide old battery out & replace with new one. Do the steps in reverse to reinstall new battery.