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  1. lildisco

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Currently sitting ~30.6 on my 2020 SEL. I'm assuming that it'll be ~28 manually calculated.
  2. I can say that the Curt & other units like it aren't plug & play. You do have to wire to a power source, either the battery or the interior fuse panel with an add a fuse/quick fuse. They're not difficult to install, but definitely aren't plug & play. I used the Curt Class 3 hitch on my 2020 SEL AWD & the Curt T harness wiring. The only downside from the factory hitch is that the hitch sits 3-4 inches lower than the OEM one as it comes from under the bumper instead of through the bumper. The Curt Class 3 hitch probably took me ~2 hours to install by myself. Would have been less if I had help. I also installed Helper Springs to keep it level while towing.
  3. Definitely rides better while towing with the Helper springs installed. In the dual pic, the latest pic is the top pic
  4. lildisco

    2020 SEL FWD - extremely low fuel mileage

    City driving / short trips kill my mpgs on my 2020 SEL AWD. Fuel quality & tire pressures play huge in these vehicles. Gas isn't the same, look for top tier fuel & I keep my tire pressures around 38psi in the front & 39psi in the rear.
  5. Bought this for ~$100 to see if it helps the sagging while towing. Did a run with a load in the hatch & didn't notice much of a difference, but I'll see what it does with the trailer in the next few weeks.
  6. Took the day off work to do truck stuff
  7. lildisco

    Hi from NC

    Welcome, looks like we're twins. I have 35% on the front with the factory tint on the back
  8. Test fit & run with Mockins cargo hauler bought last year. Used the anti-ratted clip unloaded & didn't hear anything after an hour drive. Maybe the weather will hold out & I can test it with a load. Supposedly can haul 600lbs, but don't plan hauling anywhere near that with this. I like that you can still access the hatch with it installed.
  9. I know the non sports/ST's are screw in style.
  10. OLM said 42% & I usually change it around 50%, so past due in my book.
  11. What do most people do before a snow storm? Plugs, oil change & drained the Catch Can usually isn't on the list, lol. Roughly about 3,000 miles since last oil change & plugs are original & had ~51,200 on them. Car has been tuned for over 20,000 miles.
  12. Not saying that it's your issue, but I heard a click on nearly every slow stop, like waiting in line a drive through, where the sound could echo off the wall, on our '16 SEL Fwd. After some digging, it turns out that the caliper pins & all points where the pads touch the caliper needed lubed. Bought some extra brake grease & haven't had a problem since. Our calipers are painted & I think that the paint was causing the pad to stick to the caliper. I previously lubed them when I installed them, but it appears that it wore off or I didn't use enough. I also torque my lugs to ~110 ft/lbs & have never had an issue with rotor movement. Both our Edge's have Centric Premium Blank Rotors. The '16 SEL Fwd has PowerStop Z23 Evolution pads & the 2020 SEL AWD has Centric Premium ceramic pads.
  13. lildisco

    front Body collects road water?

    The wheel wells are made out of a hard felt type material & collect water. When driving in the rain, they'll get their fill of water & gradually release some & evaporate some. All of the vehicles I've owned & garage will 'drain' after they've been driven in the rain. Both our 2016 & 2020 'drain' for awhile after their parked in the garage while it's been raining. It's a double edge sword. That material is also sound deadening & cuts down on road noise. If modified, it'll make driving down the road a little bit louder. Almost wish the wheel well was plastic with sound deadening material behind it.
  14. lildisco

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Quess they're free! I'll take 4 😜