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  1. lildisco

    Bad Driver Videos

    Just had a guy today try & cut me off because he got in the wrong lane & tried to force me off the road. He eventually even got out of the car & tried to open my door. Luckily I saw him coming & locked all the doors. Sad part was, he was in a mini van, full of kids 16 & under. I feel really sorry for them. Whole thing would have been avoided if he would have slowed down & got behind me as there was no one behind me. He was mouthing something at me like "Get the F*** out of the car, I'm going to beat your ass"....i just looked at him & gave him a thumbs up & kept saying good job. He then proceeded to follow me for several miles weaving in & out of traffic. When he eventually turned, he got up to my door & laid on the horn. I rolled down the window & clapped. He then tried to get back on the busy road & follow me. I really don't understand people. Guy was clearly in the wrong, but seems like he has some anger issues. I did escalate the issue by rolling down the window & clapping, but this guy need some anger management or something, lol.
  2. road trip from Ohio to TN, got 28mpg on the 1st tank, including ~40 miles of driving around town before leaving (calculated was closer to 26.7MPG). Dash is currently showing 30.xxMPG. Haven't calculated the 2nd tank yet, but it's probably closer to 28.xxMPG. Not bad for doing 70+ most of the way!
  3. lildisco

    Check that Cabin Air Filter

    About 45 West of Cleveland & 20 minutes South of Lorain. I'd say ~5,000 miles. Mainly city driving & the wife rarely has the windows down. It was changed out before we took a trip from Ohio to Alabama.
  4. lildisco

    Check that Cabin Air Filter

    I'll stick with 6 month replacement schedule, still crappy
  5. lildisco

    Apple Car Play

    Did you change your usb hub?
  6. lildisco

    2018 Edge - Misfire when cold, no CEL

    yup, install a catch can ASAP & while you have the intake manifold off, i'd preform a valve cleaning service. I notice my can catches very little during the summer months, but during the winter months (below 40 degrees & a few weeks below 0), it catches A LOT over a few thousand miles. I've had mine installed around 12,000 miles & currently below 36,000. I've also installed a tune around 32,000 & have noticed no difference in what's been caught compared to when new. I have NOT disconnected the intake manifold to see what has been caught on the back of the valves in over a year & a 1/2, but I'd imagine that's in considerably less than an edge 2.0 without a catch can. Here's my catch can install post if your interested: & this one if you're also interested:
  7. I removed this when i did my catch can install. I believe that if you push the pipe to the intake manifold & use something to hold the red ring on the intake manifold, it should pop right off. Doubt this will help, but here's part of my catch can install: https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/22063-oil-catch-can-on-the-20l-ecoboost/?do=findComment&comment=165970
  8. lildisco

    Second Gen. 3.5 under-tray mod. or removal?

    Nope. That keeps dirt, debris, road salt, sand, etc., from making its way to the engine bay (ok, mostly keeps it from making it to the engine bay). As long as the plastic mollies are there, it's staying there. Keeps components much cleaner than without it.
  9. lildisco

    Start up rattle

    Very common. I would suggest looking at your oil level after sitting over night. Make sure its close to the 2nd hole. It won't eliminate it, but it will usually only do it for a few seconds till oil is circulated.
  10. lildisco

    Brake Pad Recommendations?

    I have the z23 pads on Centric Premium blank rotors. There is brake dust, but isn't terrible like the factory equipment. Usually on the 1st stop or 2 of the day, it'll be a smidge grabby, but not terrible. Great setup honestly. Stopping performance has greatly improved & i can stomp the brakes (emergency situation) & not have to worry about warpage or being able to stop in time. I also did NOT have the TSB done for the brake booster. Here's my thread:
  11. On my 2016 2.0, i only hear the fuel pump prime when my foot is on the brake before i hit the push button start. Don't hear it any other time, unless they changed something on the 2019's
  12. lildisco

    engine cleaner

    Yes, done so for years. I put a bottle (20oz?, i can't remember) every 3,000 miles or so.