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  1. Wife said that we're taking a mini road trip tomorrow so the latest tank got interrupted....
  2. The sweet speed range seems to be around 50-60 mph (believe that it doesn't get into the last gear till 60). Highway runs above 70 seem to kill my mpg's to around ~26 (depends on headwind & hills) on a trip down to Florida I got 29mpg 😁 Currently around 156 miles on this tank. If I rode the tank around 60mph, I'd get over 500 miles on this one 🥳
  3. Our 2016 has screws & our 2020 does not. I don't remember what the pitch was on the '16, but didn't seem to be anything special. If I feel motivated enough, I might snag a pic later. I know that there was another thread on this topic somewhere, don't remember if it was here or Facebook.
  4. lildisco

    Question about fog lights

    Neither model or year has fog lights. They have signature lights. To my knowledge, they're the same. Unless you're across the pond. (I'm on mobile & can't see your location)
  5. lildisco

    Single Horn on the 2020

    FA1Z-13832-B is the part # for the horn I ordered. Did take nearly 2 months to get delivered, but that was probably due to COVID.
  6. lildisco

    Single Horn on the 2020

    Look for a 2015 - 2018 factory horn. Dealer will say that it won't fit, but it does. Don't have the part number available, but the swap takes less than 20 minutes. Much improved from the wimpy single horn.
  7. Need to do more Highway to get my tank average over 500 😏
  8. Something has a sound alert, is it the Blind Spot? Maybe that's blocked? There would be an indication on the side mirrors though. I'm probably thinking of the pre-collision warning that makes a noise, but it also lights up the instrument cluster. I guess the OP should go through his Driver Assist options & see what they have.
  9. Probably the lane keep assist. Previous owner probably had it on sound only. Should be on the left side of the speedometer screen, under driver assist.
  10. There should be a button on the overhead console that will kill the vast majority of the lights. I'm not sure if it will reset after the car is turned off for an extended period of time. I forget exactly what it looks like. But it's towards the left side & maybe the 2nd button in from the left side.
  11. Oil Life Monitor System said that the wife's Edge was at 31%. I usually try to do it earlier, but life has gotten in the way. Also drained the Catch Can & I'd guesstimate that about 3-4oz's came out. Also cleaned & power washed the ol Weber grill for this evening activities. It's amazing how much Grease (flavor) accumulates on it.
  12. lildisco

    No Mids or Lows

    Thanks, but in my last post I already bought a plug & play harness & a Amp 👍
  13. lildisco

    No Mids or Lows

    Ended up going this route. It definitely made the sound more enjoyable & I can actually hear & feel the bass now. It's not like adding a sub or different head unit, but woke it up just enough to make it sound OK enough for a 'factory' system. Our 16 SEL is definitely still better. https://www.focusfanatics.com/threads/simple-focus-mk3-audio-upgrade.324097/