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  1. Sweet! Ordered tonight, should be here next week!
  2. added OEM Splash Gaurds Front & Rear. Also added the dual horn instead of the road runner single horn, MUCH Better 👍 Working on a Engine Cover & Hood insulation, as well as painting the brake calipers
  3. Got back from said road trip & promptly did an oil change with Mobil 1 5W30 & a Motorcraft FL-910S filter (Ford & their crazy part #'s, BE8Z-6731-AB is a FL-910S) at 2,863 miles as well as started 1 coat of undercoating it with fluid film.
  4. Road trip MPG, 2020 SEL AWD
  5. lildisco

    End of an Era

    Didn't last 10 minutes at home before FORScan was up & running & the tinkering began...
  6. lildisco

    End of an Era

    REALLY wanted an ST or Titanium, but couldn't beat the price. Our 2016 has treated us nicely, so why not continue the trend? Funny thing is, the down payment between the 2 was about the same & the 2020 was more expensive than hers (Cold Weather Package, AWD, Adaptive Cruise, Lane Centering, Co-Pilot 360, etc.), her payments are $520/month & Mine are $370/month LOL. Gotta love that 0% financing, rebates & incentives 😁
  7. lildisco

    End of an Era

    Wouldn't let me post 2 pics in the same post because of size. Our 2016 in Kona Blue & our 2020 in Atlas Blue:
  8. lildisco

    End of an Era

    My CX7 has treated me well over the 9+ years. It was bought certified used with 38,000 miles in June 2011. The purpose of that car was to be a weekend traveler & road trip car. It did several over my time, but having to always pump it full of premium & get around 23 mpg on the highway was never fun. It was a fun car to drive as it handled the twisties OK for being a CUV & always made people do a double take when they got passed by it. However, it was starting to show its age & the wife didn't like driving or riding in it because of the ride quality. I really wasn't looking, but found out the Ford is offering 0% financing & all kinds of incentives to move inventory, YAY COVID-19. So we made the decision to trade my CX7 in for a 2020 SEL AWD in Atlas Blue. Obviously this car has way more tech than the 7, but the ride quality is on par with my 2016 SEL FWD Edge, as it should be.
  9. lildisco

    Oil Catch Can Install - Valve Cleaning

    Got to be careful with cheap cans. A lot of times there's just steel wool or nothing at all to condense the gases in the can. Love to hear you did this.
  10. lildisco

    First oil change 2.0 EcoBoost

    I use Mobil 1 Full Synthetic & OEM Oil Filter in our 2016 & I have no complaints. I believe that I changed the oil around 3,000 miles for the 1st oil change then have used Mobil 1 ever since.
  11. lildisco

    I did it now! Team RXP 2020 dual catch can kit

    I have found on my Team RXP single can setup, that I barely get anything during the summer months. But when temps go 50 or below, it picks up a lot more. Assuming that it's mostly condensation & some gunk, but I still don't want that going into my intake.
  12. While, I don't drive a Sport, I've always been a fan of Centric Rotors & Hawk pads. I've had combo in several vehicles that I've owned & even Auto-X'd & road raced on them a few times with no ill effects. I'm not sold on drilled & slotted rotors entirely. An engineering buddy of mine says that they loose the ability to dissipate heat as well as as a blank rotor. He said that it's because that you're taking away the metal/material needed to efficiently dissipate the heat. I don't know if that his exact wording, but that's my understanding of it. I currently have Centric Premium blanks on all 4 corners, PowerStop Z23 pads in the front & Centric Ceramic pads in the back. Since the wife drives it mostly, I don't have much feedback except that 'Holy Crap I can stop on a dime!'. The handful of times that I've driven it & had to make emergency stops at speed, it's handled it like a champ. No pulsation in the pedal or wobbling in the wheel. We probably have around 30,000 miles on this setup. The OEM rotors & pads barely handled a few highway stops before developing a pulse & wobbly wheel.
  13. lildisco

    Oil catch can on the 2.0L EcoBoost

    Push & hold 1 side to the manifold & pull the other side off if I remember correctly
  14. lildisco

    How long did your original battery last?

    Little over a year, but the wife left the lights on over night & drained the battery. Didn't want to chance it & replaced it before winter. It did start up after I put it on the battery tender, but didn't trust it to last throughout winter & leave the wife stranded.
  15. lildisco

    2016 Edge Titanium Blower/Glove box

    Pretty easy to get in there. There's 2 plastic rubber retainer clips on each side of the glove box. Push them together & remove the 'shock' mount on the passenger side & that'll get you to the cabin air filter that probably should be changed if you haven't done it. A leaf or something might have worked its way down past the cabin air filter.