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  1. sounds like your A/C drain tube is clogged. Had this happen on my In-Laws CX9 a few years ago. I'm not exactly sure where it's at on the Edge, but On the CX9, it was on the passenger side, by the exhaust, behind the heat shield. All you need to do is to stick up something kinda hard, but some what flexible to stick up the drain tube & clear the blockage OR used some compressed air & blow up the tube.
  2. Letting you know that your headlights/parking lights are on. Only way to turn off, is to turn off your parking lights/headlights.
  3. I'm only aware of pushing the power button if the radio is off & then using the touch screen to get what source you want. If you're using the FM/AM radio, then the < & > button & the right rotorary dial will change the stations.
  4. This light. It will only stay on for a few seconds after the car is Locked.
  5. No. Red light on the door where the old style pop up lock would be for the door
  6. You have the key on you while you're opening the door. It's supposed to do that. Look for a red light where the old lock plunger head would have been. That will let you know if the door is locked or not. If you want to try what you're doing. Lock the door, set key like 10 feet+ away from your edge then try to open the door(s).
  7. lildisco

    Engine cover for 2020 Edge Titanium 2.0L ??

    check out this thread. On the 2nd page there's pictures & some part #'s
  8. lildisco

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    I sent you a message
  9. Money is money. As long as you're informed, they're simply doing what you want. Each state is different, but in Ohio 50% is the legal tint on the front & you can have limo tint on the back if you want.
  10. lildisco

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    I have a 2016 & a 2020. If I get some free time over the holidays, I'll swap my cover from the 2020 over to the 2016 to see if it fits for you & possibly what points are different. Would be interested in getting 2 if only minor modding needs to be done to the 2020 to get it to fit.
  11. Old age. We live in the rust belt, so that probably doesn't help exposed wire like that.
  12. It's from the starter itself. Replace your starter. Had the same thing happen on my works 2012 E350 & my bosses old Lincoln LT.
  13. lildisco

    Check Charging System light

    On my 2001 focus from years ago, I went through 3 alternators before I found one that wasn't bad. Have them test the alternator before purchase. I got 2 from Napa & 1 from Advance before I got wise & had them test it before I installed it for a 4th time. Never had to replace it, I sold it about 6 years after that.