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  1. OLM said 42% & I usually change it around 50%, so past due in my book.
  2. What do most people do before a snow storm? Plugs, oil change & drained the Catch Can usually isn't on the list, lol. Roughly about 3,000 miles since last oil change & plugs are original & had ~51,200 on them. Car has been tuned for over 20,000 miles.
  3. Not saying that it's your issue, but I heard a click on nearly every slow stop, like waiting in line a drive through, where the sound could echo off the wall, on our '16 SEL Fwd. After some digging, it turns out that the caliper pins & all points where the pads touch the caliper needed lubed. Bought some extra brake grease & haven't had a problem since. Our calipers are painted & I think that the paint was causing the pad to stick to the caliper. I previously lubed them when I installed them, but it appears that it wore off or I didn't use enough. I also torque my lugs to ~110 ft/lbs & have never had an issue with rotor movement. Both our Edge's have Centric Premium Blank Rotors. The '16 SEL Fwd has PowerStop Z23 Evolution pads & the 2020 SEL AWD has Centric Premium ceramic pads.
  4. lildisco

    front Body collects road water?

    The wheel wells are made out of a hard felt type material & collect water. When driving in the rain, they'll get their fill of water & gradually release some & evaporate some. All of the vehicles I've owned & garage will 'drain' after they've been driven in the rain. Both our 2016 & 2020 'drain' for awhile after their parked in the garage while it's been raining. It's a double edge sword. That material is also sound deadening & cuts down on road noise. If modified, it'll make driving down the road a little bit louder. Almost wish the wheel well was plastic with sound deadening material behind it.
  5. lildisco

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Quess they're free! I'll take 4 😜
  6. lildisco

    How do you Charge the Battery in your Edge?

    Or leave the doors open all night 😉 Our 2020 wasn't in trickle mode when I went to bed, it somewhere between 75% to 100% after a couple of hours. I haven't checked it this morning, but I'm certain that it's in trickle mode.
  7. lildisco

    How do you Charge the Battery in your Edge?

    Our 2016 has a threaded part that goes around the terminal on the positive battery cable & should be plenty to thread the tiny ring connectors on. I've had 2 different types of chargers / tenders & usually leave the hood open when I have them hooked up & it's never been an issue. I just hooked up our 2016 & it took ~4 hours to get to the trickle charge point. It got to 75% within 45 minutes. I just hooked up our 2020 to see if it'll get to the trickle charge point before I go to bed.
  8. lildisco

    How do you Charge the Battery in your Edge?

    They will do that to test how charged the battery is. I would use the ring connectors with the quick disconnect so that it'd make your life easier connecting & disconnecting. Our 2016 SEL Fwd 2.0 will say 75% on the Norco charger for a few hours, then go to trickle mode.
  9. Things are getting pretty serious around here... Class III 4,500lbs towing capacity (even though the edge is rated for 3,500lbs), 675lbs tongue weight, 2 inch receiver. Since an Exploder is too big for us to use on daily basis, this is a decent alternative for storage while traveling. Way over kill, but might tow a utility trailer from time to time. Also way cheaper to purchase through...... Home Depot at $180 with a $40 off PayPal coupon. Can't beat that!
  10. lildisco

    How do you Charge the Battery in your Edge?

    You're comparing apples to oranges when it comes to battery load. A '79 Econoline with barely any electronics & a 2001 Passat. Newer vehicles have way more tech than both of those previous vehicles combined. Even when the Edge is turned off, there's still plenty of things in the background running, like perimeter sensors for the passive alarm & keyless entry. The edge will eventually go into a deep sleep state, but there's almost always some electronics still on the vehicle at all times.
  11. lildisco

    How do you Charge the Battery in your Edge?

    That's the great thing about the trickle chargers / maintainers, you simply hook it up to the battery without disconnecting anything (assuming that you have the quick connect/disconnect cables connected properly) & it automatically starts charging the battery to the point where it can maintain the charge. I would recommend plugging it in right after your last drive & it's going to sit awhile. You can also plug it after you're done driving for the day. I did that with my CX7 & the battery lasted ~8 years (had much less electronics than our Edge's). It comes down to which is more convenient for you. If you have remote start, it won't automatically start because the hood will be open. That may be an inconvenience for you, but shouldn't be a big deal
  12. lildisco

    How do you Charge the Battery in your Edge?

    If you're going with a trickle charger it doesn't really matter. The amps doesn't matter unless you're battery is close to being dead. It'll do a test to see how charged the battery is, then once it's charged it'll go down to like a floating charge & maintains the voltage for the battery. The bigger amperage one's will probably bring the battery up to proper voltage faster than a smaller amperage one, depending on how low it is. That's just one brand. Norco is another that's decent too. If you're uncertain, it doesn't hurt to go bigger than what you think that you need, just your wallet. I know that battery tender has been around for years & makes different styles of maintainers/tenders for numerous applications. You can see what best suits your needs. They have like a charging station if you have multiple batteries to charge, but it may be cheaper to buy 2 individual chargers/maintainers than 1 big charging station. The individual ones also come with their quick disconnects too so you shouldn't have to order anything extra.
  13. lildisco

    How do you Charge the Battery in your Edge?

    Don't know what brand of battery charger you use, but most battery tender / trickle chargers give to leads to go to the posts of the battery & give you a quick disconnect point so you can easily connect/disconnect. That depends on which you have or if you buy a new one. Battery tender is pretty good & I have several that I use. https://www.amazon.com/Battery-Tender-021-0123-Junior-Charger/dp/B000CITK8S https://www.amazon.com/Deltran-Battery-Tender-Power-Plus/dp/B016S7NHWQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?c=ts&keywords=Battery+Chargers&qid=1640080781&refinements=p_89%3ABattery+Tender&s=automotive&sr=1-5&ts_id=15707061
  14. lildisco

    Edge and Rust?

    If you like your vehicle(s), NEVER USE ZIEBART! ZIEBART traps in the moisture & rots the vehicle from the inside out. Use a product like fluid film, that allows moisture to escape & protects your vehicles. ZIEBART also makes it VERY difficult to work on if you need to change parts in the future. I used to be a Ziebart person because I thought that it was the only thing out there. Both of our Edge's get a coat of fluid film every year before winter & we avoid under body washes during the winter. Fluid Film is relatively cheap & will help your car last a lot longer than one coated with Ziebart. There's MANY videos online, but here's a decent one that explains why you shouldn't use Ziebart: