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  1. I have a 2020 SEL with Navigation. I have my wife's 2016 in for service & they gave me a 2020 SEL without Nav as a loaner. The sound is way better than mine. Neither has the sub in the back. Mine has barely any mid band or low band even with the settings for both nearly all the way up. I talked to the parts guy here at the dealership & he said that the loaner has a premium sound system (no woofer) & my mine has the mid sound system. I've already replaced the 'woofers' in all 4 doors & made 0 difference. I've done a little messing around in FORScan & it has made 0 difference, maybe a tiny tiny difference. A couple of people suggested just installing an Amp. I like the Sync 3 system, so I'd prefer to not loose that. Is there a way to improve the sound without much modification? Where would the Amp go? I've put sound systems in my older cars, but that required a new head unit, Amp & actual subs. I've tried Crutchfield, but they just list replacement parts & not a Amp for the 'normal' speakers. Thoughts?
  2. Installed @Xtra's V2 intake, cleaned & lubed the brakes on all 4 corners & put on the summer rubber (chrome OEM 18's) on the wife's '16 SEL Fwd
  3. lildisco

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Little late, my daughter wouldn't stay asleep long enough for me to install (new born), but installed it this morning & install was relatively painless. Only 'issue' (if you want to call it that) is the hood takes more effort to close. Went for a short drive for lunch & things seem to be fine. I'll watch my intake air temps to see if they're lower than what they were before installing.
  4. lildisco

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    I had a package delivered from California today. Once my daughter is asleep, I'll try to install it on our 2016. If not tonight, it'll be tomorrow after work
  5. Nice day in NE Ohio, so decided to throw the summer wheels on. Yes I know they're OEM 18's, but I haven't had good luck with aftermarket. I couldn't find OEM 19's or 20's I liked.
  6. lildisco

    Tire pressure monitoring

    Thought this was for 2019+? They made a kit to do this on the older gens with a modem included or something to that extent, but I think it was discontinued.
  7. lildisco

    MAP sensor location?

    Oiled filters seem to be bad if they have extra oil on them. I've used my AFe Dry flow within a couple hundred miles of ownership on my 2020. While driving around with our baby in the back while mom was at target, got 35 mpg for 20 or so miles. I'm averaging around 26 mpg depending on traffic & winds (been pretty strong here lately) Your MAF should be located directly after air box on the tube. You'll have to push the connector down & 2 screws hold the MAF to the tube.
  8. lildisco

    Alot of oil in Air charge tube 2017 2.0

    I get that smell from time to time. I believe that my smell is from the oil cap tube as that has a more direct access to the air than the other hoses. There's another can from JLT I believe & they also smelled. Turned out to be the hoses & they offer free replacements to people who purchased the kits from them.
  9. lildisco

    Alot of oil in Air charge tube 2017 2.0

    Do you remember how clean the intake was? Maybe it was residual stuff from prior to the catch can install?
  10. lildisco

    Alot of oil in Air charge tube 2017 2.0

    Time for a catch can & possible valve cleaning! Get some throttle body cleaner & go to town on the intake tube.
  11. everywhere I look the K&N VF2050 Cabin Air Filter is around ~$40. Not terrible, guess I'll wait for a coupon or a sale as I have around 6 months left before I need to change them out again. The weather stripping has gone up quite a bit in price as the driver side is ~$90 & the passenger side is ~$60. We'll see how the lower stripping holds up & then I'll look into replacing the arches if it gets too dirty back there.
  12. Changed the cabin air filter in both the 2016 & 2020 today. The '16 was as filthy as it usually is, the 2020 wasn't as bad. Guess I'll continue to change them twice a year. Once in the spring & once in the fall. On a side note, the 2020 didn't have any screws to lock down the filter housing like the 2016 does. Guess it's another thing that saves a few bucks per million vehicles made. Also changed the weather stripping below the doors on the '16 as well. Much more weather stripping & drain holes in the weather stripping. Supposedly, it's the upgraded version that Ford came out with after all the complaining on the bottom of the doors on the 2015-18's. Drivers Side part # FT4Z-5820759-B ~$30 Passenger Side part # FT4Z-5820758-B ~$20
  13. lildisco

    Upgraded Lug nuts ?

  14. lildisco

    Your 2017 edge awd 2.0 typical gas mileage?

    All depends on driving style. Our 16 Fwd 2.0 gets around 20-23mpg when the wife is the primary driver & 26-29mpg when I'm the primary driver. I've gotten 33mpg on road trips as well. Our 2020 2.0 AWD gets around 24-29mpg & I'm the primary driver. The 2020 is slightly different with a few more gears & auto start/stop technology. Mainly what I'm trying to say is that you can get a ballpark figure, which could be low to mid 20's, but it depends on many different factors like fuel quality, driving habits, tire pressures & car maintenance. Fuelly.com is a good source for mpg's, but you don't have all the data to get the facts.
  15. On our 2020 AWD Centric Premium Blank Rotors on all 4 corners & Centric Ceramic Pads on all 4 corners. finished painting the caliper brackets while everything was off. Put Anti-seize on the bracket & hardware to make live easier down the road. Did they make a change for rotor size? I guess the 2019+ AWD versions get a 345mm Rotor while the FWD versions get a 315mm rotor. I understand that the AWD version is heavier but I don't remember seeing that difference on our 2016 when I did the same thing. EDIT: just re looked up the parts & they do make a different rotor. Guess I didn't pay attention....😬😬😬