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  1. lildisco

    Intercooler (IC) swap on my 2020 ST ?

    Not trying to thread jack, but I think the OP meant Intercooler....
  2. lildisco

    Ford Edge 2018 Titanium 2.0L HELP !!!

    The above video is for a 3.5L V6. Front of the engine, just below the intake manifold. Look for 2.0L catch can installs & you should be able to find it.
  3. That was one of the 1st things I did on our 2020. I thought that they changed to the single horn in 2019 though.
  4. They didn't make a 2.0L sport. Sports were only made in 2.7L. 2016 to 2018 Sports were AWD ONLY & 2015 Sports were AWD OPTIONAL.
  5. Heat gun required to get the 1 hard plastic piece on the front side off. My bad, it's $23 now 🙃 Vapor Canister Purge Valve 0280142519 Replacement for Ford Fusion Lincoln MKZ 2.0L Turbo 2013-2016 https://a.co/d/a0kc4gz
  6. I consider your description as a chug/miss or struggling to accelerate. Tomato / Tomato 👍
  7. After filling up, for a few miles, every time you pulled up to a stop light/sign, it would idle rough & acted like it was going to stall. Swapped the $22 purge valve (non OEM, which I couldn't find an OEM for anything less than $170 + $20 shipping & included extra pipes/tubing) . After swapping, no rough idle after fillup & mpgs are back up to normal range.
  8. No codes, stumbling at idle after fillup & poor mpgs over the last few tanks & cleaned the MAF after the 1st tank I noticed was bad.
  9. Me thinks that the purge valve on our 2016 SEL Fwd 2.0 Ecoboost was starting to go bad at 56,4xx miles....
  10. lildisco

    PTU fluid change issues..

    2020 owners manual
  11. Did some errands tonight and the auto start/stop worked as it should. My trip mpg, which I reset after every fill up, shows me at 27.3 mpg for this tank 👍
  12. My 2020 SEL AWD bought in October 2020 is on it OEM battery. I occasionally throw it on a battery tender from time to time. It's currently ~16,000 miles & sits a lot. I noticed the last few days on drives ~30 - 40 minutes the auto start/stop wouldn't work. In the menu it said that it wasn't working because of system charging. I hooked up my battery tender the other night & let it charge for a few hours & the tender was saying it was @ 75 - 100, which isn't unheard of. Had to take the cat to the vet (regular check up) & disconnected the tender (which was in trickle/maintaine mode) & my auto start/stop was working fine. I guess it helps to charge the battery up from time to time. I don't do it constantly & I know the car adjusts it's charging during due to the battery age & etc., but I'm wondering if it's more of a programming issue to replace the battery sooner rather than later, who knows? Wonder if I should reset the battery monitor & see if the auto/start stays functioning without a top up.
  13. lildisco

    Appropriate oil filter for 2019 Edge

    I thought that the only engine choices in 2019 were the 2.0 or the 2.7 Ecoboost.
  14. lildisco

    Towing Capacity on 2016 2.7l

    I believe that you're also limited to a 600lbs tounge weight.
  15. I like how there's not much difference between grades, but you can keep those prices on the west coast. I'd park the car before I paid that much.