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  1. lildisco

    2015 edge 2.0 oil leak? Possible causes

    I think our issue was the oil pressure sensor just above the oil filter. Has telflon tape on it I think. Took my mechanic 2 visits to find it. Since he replaced it, the garage doesn't smell like oil & no puddles under it. Going over 4 months since he replaced it & 0 oil on the pan or surrounding areas
  2. lildisco

    2.0 Turbo Purge Valve location.

    I thought that purge valve is under the hood on the drivers side of the engine. Is there a canister purge valve in a different location? Our 2016 2.0L purge valve was on the driver's side of the engine. Was ~$150 part.
  3. Usually the purge valve, but I believe that there's a vent somewhere in the gas tank full tube. I'm not 100% sure.
  4. Did you use OEM? I had an after market one that lasted a few months before needing replaced. 1st one was after market, 2nd was OEM. 3+ months on the OEM.
  5. Oil Change today. Was nearly at 6,000 miles since I changed it last. OLM said that it was 57%. I did have 2 highway trips so maybe that's why it thought it could have gone more. I usually change it around 50% & that's right around 5,000 miles.
  6. I get the urge every other yearish. This year the weather was cool enough where I wouldn't drip with sweat doing it, so that was my reasoning this year, lol.
  7. Mulch duty over the weekend
  8. Got hit in a parking garage 😡😡🤬🤬
  9. Trailer comparison
  10. It's so tiny compared to the other trailer I hauled the same mower with. Rides nice (once loaded) & my air bag helper springs keep the rear from sagging too much.
  11. Greased the trailer axle bearings yesterday. Drivers side was a dark purple color & the passenger side was more of a dark red ish color. Thankfully, they're Dexter E-Z Lube axles & we're quite easy to put new grease in. I'll probably lube them 1 more time this year & then I'll do it annually after that to make sure that old grease is out. Guess we'll see how the summer goes.
  12. Oh & mandatory trailer dolly as I'm on a slight incline from my driveway. Much easier
  13. Bought my 1st utility trailer this past Monday. Spent most of last year borrowing my father in laws 6x12 trailer. It wasn't bad, but the trailer was too long hauling my mom's 54 inch ztr & I'd always have to ask to borrow the trailer. An A frame seems to be the logical stronger choice as well as a wood deck instead of the wire mesh deck. While browsing Facebook marketplace & Craigslist for months, I found what I thought was a decent trailer & price. (The market is flooded with over priced junk or just simply over priced) I found a 2016 Belmont 5x8 utility trailer that seems to fit the bill. It appears to have be taken care of & not beat. Talking with the original owner, it sat in a nice garage for 3 years before they decided to sell it. It appears that the wiring has been redone at some point & some lite rust spots, but overall decently taken care of. I already bought some ribbed slit wire wrap & I plan on greasing the axles later this week as I'm sure that hasn't been done in quite some time or at all. Pretty excited about the purchase & the ability to haul things without asking to borrow another trailer (unless needed).
  14. Not entirely true. 2019+ have a different style of PTU/RDU. It disengages at the PTU & the drive shaft quits spinning & currently has the special 75W fluid. The previous Gen (2015 - 2018) has a PTU that keeps the drive shaft spinning even when not in use & uses more traditional fluid. https://youtu.be/SU8XFyIhTe0 Screenshot is from the 2016 owners manual
  15. Not according to Omar & Motorcraft on the above link provided: Link to Motorcraft page for this oil. It also states "Do not use in conventional high-offset hypoid gear axles where SAE 75W-85, 75W-90, 80W-90 or 75W-140 is recommended I'm not an engineer, but I'm assuming that you've done your research. I ended up using XY-75W-QL fluid from Ford. Hopefully in the next 20,000ish miles Redline will have (or has) something available to use that's MUCH cheaper than Ford's version & obviously better.