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Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX X-Plan Purchase Plan

Edge Guide

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Ford X-Plan P.I.N.s are issued by Ford Employees. Under the X-Plan program, purchasers are eligible to receive the vehicle at a certain price set by Ford. The dealer is not allowed to add documentation or other "dealer" fees. You are still responsible for tax, tag and title fees.


Dealers are NOT required to sell vehicles at X-Plan prices, so ask your selling dealer BEFORE you negotiate or place an order. On occasion, dealers might be able to sell you a vehicle at a better price than you would get under an X-Plan, so make sure to ask for both prices.


Once your dealer agrees to accept an X-Plan, you can request a PIN from the employee section of BlueOvalNews here.

* Please note that your FordEdgeForum user name/password will not work on BlueOvalForums.

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