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just picked up my 2k19 edge ST , I am  coming from a 2k16 fiesta ST that I had installed full bolt on's added water meth and a pro tune. 

so its more of your opinions I am looking for since I haven't worked with this car before.

1) atmospheric B.O.V that gives a nice turbo flutter sound

2) waste gate suggestions

3) Opinions on the Borla cat back

4) air intake suggestions

5) tuning options, only looking to hit stage one or maybe 2.  I last used a stratisfied pro tune that I ran off a cobb port


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1. Since the blow off valve is electric there's no real flutter happening, they more-so just passing "gas".

2. Wastegates are integrated so you're looking at a lot of work to change to external wastegates. Bolt-on upgrade turbos also use integrated wastegates. 

3. The Borla cat back is high quality and sounds about as good as a domestic v6 can sound (meh). It's still pretty quiet and only noticeable during acceleration, its silent while cruising and idling.

4. The intakes are mainly just an airbox replacement with cone filters instead of a panel filter. Any intake should do a similar job. There is a "ram air" mod you could do that would involve modifying the panels behind the grille, not sure if it's worth it.

5. Livernois canned tunes or Unleashed custom tunes seem to be equally reputable. Livernois uses a proprietary device while Unleashed uses SCT or HP Tuner devices. I think Unleashed with an HP Tuner device would be the best combo. 


I have some of the mods, you're asking about recently installed on my Edge. I could get some clips of the exhaust, intake or blow-off if you're interested. 




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