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Liftgate not working all of a sudden / Hood ajar light on 2016 Ford Edge

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I have a 2016 Ford Edge Titanium that is having liftgate issues all of a sudden. As of this morning when we unplugged the negative lead on the battery, the ‘HOOD AJAR’ light is stuck on. Help!



Back in July, all of a sudden my a/c quit working and was blowing heat out of all the vents. That morning my a/c worked, but that afternoon when I cranked it, the a/c didn’t work, but defrost did. I was able to reset the HVAC by finding a great YT video that helped me reset it and my a/c works great again. (Problem 1)


Last Sunday afternoon I cranked up my car to go to the airport and pick someone up and I pushed the liftgate inside button to open it and nothing. So, I jumped out to open it from outside, nothing. Got the fob out, nothing! I began researching liftgate issues and my hubby checked the fuse (actually changed out 76 fuse) and today we went to Interstate Battery to check my battery. Battery is great. The I B guy unplugged the negative lead on it and let it sit for 5 minutes then plugged it back up… liftgate still didn’t work.  


I found a post on here talking about manually opening the liftgate from the trunk area - we haven’t done that yet. IS THIS WHAT WE SHOULD WORK ON NEXT?


I’m thinking that it’s more of a “COMPUTER” problem now that the hood ajar light is on. 


Anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on? 


Thanks for your help!!!!!

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