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Anyone have HID bulbs with no HID kit??

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I see HID bulbs on sale for ebay that say they are direct bulb replacements. Does anyone have these? I'd rather not install a whole kit with the ballast and whatever else is needed for HID.


Anybody know the pro's and cons with using these? Here's what I'm talking about:




Hi end. :D Those are not HID bulbs. They are simply a halogen bulb (same bulb as what is in your car now) with a blue tint on the glass. You can not get HID lighting by just plugging some aftermarket bulb in. You need the ballasts and other electronics.


Essentially, due to the blue tint on those bulbs, you will have less light than a regular bulb. Think of it as the same situation as a pair of sunglasses: Any tint on the bulb glass will filter out light, the same way that sunglasses filter out light.


You would be wasting your money buying those bulbs.


That is a short explanation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Good luck. :beerchug:

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