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transmission hesitant to downshift

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2010 ford edge sport fwd, is the transmission supposed to be this hesitant to downshift?

i understand it's known for that, but not to this extreme. earlier today i was trying to get on the highway, and i needed to speed up, so i pushed down on the gas quite a bit. the car just stayed in the same gear, and let the revs climb to 3k. and i was so confused, i thought something broke. so i stepped on the gas some more, but not all the way, and the damn thing downshifts instantly and starts screaming with the revs nearly at 6k. maybe the revs just got too high for it to downshift in that moment, and thats why it hesitated, but im a bit worried.


transmission fluid is a light brown with only the slightest tint of pink, thinking of changing it soon, should i? how much fluid would i need? car is at 144k miles as well


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