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Picked it up last night


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Hello :)


I have been lurking around the forums for a few days or so and finally registered because I picked up my new (to me) edge last night. It's a red 08 AWD limited with 9k miles and about every option available except a trailer hitch (which is going on this spring). It is also ford certified so I have full warranty and short of the new car smell... I still consider it new.


I have only put on about 45 miles so far seeing as how I picked it up late last night from the dealer. It snowed here all day and is still snowing so I got to play in the snow with it a bit at least.

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I have the same car. what kind of gas milage are you gettting? Isnt the limited a sweet ride. :-)





I have not even put a tank of gas through it yet, but so far (per the computer) I am getting an average of around 15 - 16 with mostly city and about 24-26 highway.


It's a super ride and seems to handle very well. The stereo is just fantastic too.

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sounds like me :) welcome fellow Edger.


I'm pulling in about 17.4mpg. mostly city driving. 16 miles to work, 7 of them on the highway. and yeah, the stereo's pretty damn good!



OK, I have run 3 tanks through it now and the results are 15.1 - 15.1 - 14.7


I attribute the 14.7 to "testing the accelleration" (and it's fine by the way)


I have not done any real highway driving yet, about 90-95% city.

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