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Help with ongoing repair problems


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We are now without our Edge now for the second time for one side of the heat quiting. They replaced some actuator in the system which did not fix the problem. Upon the dealer talking with Ford, they say the whole heater core has to be replaced. Apparently this is a somewhat known problem. Next we had to bring in our 2nd key so it could be re-flashed because apparently they have to remove the PCM (along with just about everything forward of the front seats). Now we are dead in the water because they cant get their computer to link up to the vehicles and have been on the Ford "hotline" 4 times now.


My questions are: Does any of this make sense to anyone?

How did all of this come from a heater core?

Is this a legit problem or did the mechanic F*#@% something up royally?


P.S. This has been the only problem we have really had and still love the car :banghead:

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We had a similar event with a GM dealership.


Sun roof wouldn't open (3 times), after the 3rd time it would open often (no buttons needed), then the doors stopped locking, then the right rear window went down but not up.

Trouble fixed when a tech commented that you have to reset the sun roof when you disconnect the battery, and I'll fix those pinched wires.


Sad to say but there are Automotive technicians and then there are people who work (???) on cars.



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Service manager called today and said that he thinks their technician somehow fried the "Smart Junction Box"( i think thats what its called). It should be in tomorrow and we should be on the road. I asked if the same guy who did it was his "number 1 guy" who does all he big jobs? Apparently so.......

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Sorry to vent, but now its getting rediculous. I think I keep posting here as an area to let off steam. So the "Smart Junction Box" was supposed to be in today and we should have been on the road. NOPE!! Not that either. Dealer tells me today that they keep getting a "Low Battery Voltage" from the system and they can't re-flash the computer. They have replaced battery and everything related. The service Mgr. admits that their guy fried something and now has to remove the whole dash again and re-trace all steps of the heater core replacement. Now we won't have it til atleast next Tuesday as a Ford Tech guy is also coming in Monday. I have to return the Focus they gave us a loaner and got upgraded to an Explorer (all on their tab).


How much longer until we have a legit case on a lemon? Service Mgr slipped and mentioned something about 30 days in the shop. I also know 3 times for the same prob.


The service Mgr has been great and has updated me every day, but I would love to have a chat with the mechanic! :finger:

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Sorry you have had this problem. The lemon laws in most states will provide the dealership and Ford a final repair attempt after you file. 30 days and 3 repair attempts only qualifies you to file for lemon law consideration.


In this instance, looks like the dealership is responsible for the repair. In the meanwhile, enjoy your service loaner and don't get overly stressed. I'm sure the technician is sorry this happened also. He/she is likely eating many hours to fix the problem.

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