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    carfax SUCKS!

    Year and a half ago a teenager backed into the left rear, scratched a wheel, left rear quarter panel was replaced. carfax reports this as "STRUCTURAL DAMAGE" Insurance co asked if we filed for "diminished value" We said no it was fixed perfectly and just a quarter panel body shop says they "do not report anything ever to carfax they just report to the insurance co." BUT he also said the insurance co. reports to a co called NCIB, National Insurance Crime Bureau who then report to carfax. He ALSO said carfax will give a "STRUCTURAL DAMAGE" to pretty much any damage to a uni-body car. Example: a low speed front end crash where he has to replace the radiator support = "STRUCTURAL DAMAGE" Apparently an individual CAN NOT talk to carfax you can send them an email. Our dealer said he would contact carfax and try to get it fixed. NOPE NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, how dare you challenge carfax :hysterical2: ! ab
  2. ablb

    Key Fob Battery

    These keys are definitely not your fathers key, very high tech. I'm constantly reminding myself NOT to come in and throw the keys on the table. I googled "transponder key 2008 ford edge" and found several places that sell these keys. but You would still need to have it cut and programed. You could check a local locksmith. Good luck ab
  3. YEP! 2 stories both happened to me, I'm a telecommunication tech. Had a Dr. tell me "it's broke fix it!" I said "Can I have a little info on what's wrong" He said "I TOLD YOU IT IS BROKEN!!" I turned to leave, he said where are you going? I said "to the phone office to work on your #, probably take me a couple of days to test it to your building then another day to test it to your desk." He said uuhh :hide: "I keep dialing wrong #'s", I replaced his dial...took 10 minutes. Recently took our motor home (Ford F53). Told the service writer "It has used 1 gal of coolant in 5K miles, another dealer did a leak down test over night = no trouble, he suggested I bring it back this summer." He wrote down "Low coolant" The tech changed a hose, I drove it home, 50 miles, it NOW uses 1 qt every 50 miles . ab
  4. ablb

    Change your own Oil?

    Here is the offical Ford web site where you can keep your maintenance records. http://owner.ford.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Owner/Page/HomePage ab
  5. When you rotate do you have to tell your 07 where you rotated them to :gang: ? I'm wondering how it knows where you put the right front, left rear etc??? Maybe they wire a sensor to each axle that the wheel would shake hands with. In defense of Ford, I have found that when the TPMS goes off I have 1 LOW tire and 1 or more low tires. ab
  6. Greetings and Welcome This link is to an OLD thread (no pictures) but post #124 gives a good discription of changing the glass. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/2759-integrated-blind-spot-mirrors/page__hl__mirror__st__120 You can get the glass at your dealer, BESURE to take your vin# there are dozens :stop: of mirrors for the 2010 Edge. ab
  7. ablb

    atlanta sportbiker guy, dont have an edge yet

    Hay Darth (sportbike guy). We’ve used our 08 to tow our Kawasaki Vulcan to Colorado a couple of times. Round trip about 1300 miles. We used a Uhaul trailer + stuff =’s 2K+ lbs. Zero problems, the MKX without trailer goes over Raton pass @ 65 ish mph. The trailer pulled us down to 50 mph. But runs 65 or so in the flat lands. A recent post in the “Lounge” sub-forum might interest you. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/11385-post-a-picture-of-your-other-ride/page__pid__87906__st__20&do=findComment&comment=87906 I’ve ridden about the same miles as thirdgenlxi has BUT it’s taken me 4 decades. ab
  8. Greetings and welcome Have you checked the sync forum? It’s down close to the bottom of the main page under “Ford Edge & Lincoln MKX: Interior. “ Here’s the link http://fordsyncforum.com/ ab
  9. ablb

    Post a Picture of your other ride

    Hay ShopVac I recognize your Mini picture. Here’s a suggestion for the next Mini photo contest “Ghost Mini.” Wish I had taken a picture later in the day, would have won the “getting dirty" contest. ab
  10. ablb

    Which CAI Do U Have???

    Shouldn't they be called HAI instead of CAI :tease: At least that's what most of the newer ones look like to me??? ab
  11. ablb

    Rear seat bolt covers

    In 08/09 we figured out that the MKX has covers and they will fit the Edge. Might still be true. ab
  12. ablb

    Spotlight Bulb Replacement

    I copied this from our 08 MKX owners manual. The bulb is an H11. I down loaded the PDF at. https://owner.ford.c.../OwnerGuidePage Replacing fog lamp bulbs 1. Make sure the fog lamp switch is in the OFF position. 2. From underneath the vehicle, remove the splash shield and rotate the harness/bulb assembly counterclockwise, to remove from the fog lamp. 3. Carefully disconnect the bulb from the harness assembly via the two snap clips. Install the new bulb in reverse order. ab
  13. ablb

    P245 60r20 on MKX

    I might do it. Because: Narrower and taller = better gas mileage. Our MKX is the wife’s daily driver and our traveling car. If: The tires aren’t new (old) made in China. Price would have to be "I acquired these new 60's for pretty much nothing." Brand. ab
  14. ablb

    P245 60r20 on MKX

    Greetings and welcome Tire Rack says they should fit. Here are 2 links, 1 for the 50 the other for the 60. http://www.tirerack....1=yes&tab=Specs http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Bridgestone&tireModel=Dueler+H%2FT+D684+II&partnum=46HR0HT684II&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes In the specs section I think the important # is the section width. Go ask Discount Tire, they should be able to tell you. ab
  15. I’m using Sylvania Silverstar Ultra 9005. They’re ok up against our 6K 55w, much better (whiter/brighter) than stock 9005’s. http://www.sylvania....in.aspx#fldYear ab