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Thule Squarebar Evo on 2011 Edge?

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I am wondering if anyone has used the Thule Evo feet on their Edge?  The website says it will fit but the photos I have seen don’t look like the feet are shaped correctly for the factory side rails?


Any other good options for a rack?  I have the factory side rails and want to haul a light solo canoe.  

I ordered what I thought (and what the website said) was a Thule canoe rack directly from Ford but what I received was the Thule Portage.  It is just a kit that comes with all of the straps and accessories to put a canoe on an already existing Thule rack.  It is a nice kit with everything needed so I figure instead of returning it, just buy a Thule rack that will connect to my side rails and use the whole lot.

But if there is a cheaper, simpler option I am all ears.  Thanks!  


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