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2013 ford edge Sunroof Accordion Seals

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Hello People.

For the experts out there, maybe you can help me out.


I tried opening the sunroof yesterday after a very long time.

Upon trying to close it , both the side accordion seals also called SIDE SHIELD, came off the tracks on both left and right side and im having a hard time getting them back on. New parts for 2 pieces of rubber are way over 280 CDN.

Can anyone tell me what the function of these things are?.. I know that the sunroof seals properly, and no water gets in as i hosed it down thoroughly. :).

 Also the guide track on the rh side is a bit sticky near the end of the sunroof closing, is it time to change it?


Please help as I really don't want to spend the over $400 with labour at the dealer to have these replaced, if they are not functional but rather aesthetic.

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On 09 MKX the drivers side did this. Tried carefully reinstalling it and left it closed exposed to the hot sun to retake its shape. Worked for a while, but all it took is one close to again bend out of shape. 


Eventually bit the bullet and bought a replacment. Comes as a kit with the weather shield bellows and steel rods. As you found, expensive as hell, but there's no other choice if you want to restore OEM performance. Purchase appears to be as a weather seal. Replacement has been perfect for several years now. 


Wrote a description of the replacement here: 


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