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Antenna Problems?

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Okay, I did the BAMR light switch mod, I hooked up new wiring to make the switch light up. I removed the bolt that holds the radio antenna to put a ground wire connector that the bolt is threaded through and just reinstalled the bolt. Now I don't know if the two are connected, but my radio reception has deteriorated, especially on the right side channel. It comes and goes as I drive, it almost sounds like the speaker is blown, but it sounds fine when CDs or MP3s are playing. So is there something in the antenna connector that the bolt that I took out is now not hooked up? Did I mess something up by taking the bolt completely out, did something get disconnected? I can't see inside beyond the shield that covers the bottom of the antenna, I would take it completely out and look at it, but I'm not sure how to disconect the wires and pull it out. Has anyone taken the antenna completely out? Thanks for any help.

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