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Help, Factory style rearview camera install for MKX!!!

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I'm serious about wanting to install a rearview camera on my '09 MKX. Avelectronics.com advise they will soon have a plug & play unit to display the rear-view camera on the nav screen, but...... I don't want to just install a license plate bracket cam or a cheap alternative such as that. I've been studying the MKX and don't really want to install the camera under the bumper or you won't be able to view your bumper as a reference on screen when backing into small/shallow parking situations(for any smart Alec's out there, yes I can hear the sensors, I just don't trust them and I find you're about a foot-away when the chime goes to steady tone, leaving wasted room you could have used in tight spots).


Any MKX owner out there knows how "smooth" the rear of the vehicle is(virtually no place to mount the camera).


Has anyone here modified & taken pictures of a more permanant install, such as in or on a part of the hatch handle, where you can see your bumper, like in factory installs???


Is there any companies out there that customize rear hatch handles to incorporate a quality camera pointing at the proper angle???


I'm stumped for ideas and my local installers are only looking at license plate cams as options(unfortunately they are also easy to steal, another reason I don't want one, not worth the hassle),


If so, can you upload your install photos???

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I suggest you read my post as I mounted one that is as clean as can be. tiny high end CCD camera - no cheap cmos. used a great aftermarket interface box to tie into nav system. cleaner than some factory I have seen for sure. works awesome. I love it. you do not even know it is there unless I show it to you or you are looking hard.




maybe it will help you with your MKX...

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I've had rear view cameras on my last two trucks... I had a high quality bullet style camera in my Expedition and now a license plate camera on my MKX. I don't agree with the notion that the license plate cameras are cheap or low quality. Mine is nearly all metal, does not vibrate, and has great image quality. But of course, this will vary from brand to brand.


You don't have to worry about them getting stolen if you use secured bolts and bolt covers. Last time I checked, mine is still there. :-) Most will actually tilt so that you can see the bumper, but really you can judge distance down to the inch without doing that. I like license plate ones since the camera lines up perfectly in the center of the vehicle, which helps lining up your parking.


My Expedition had a camera drilled into the hatch. You can put these in more places, but they are not easily removable.

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Your install is awsome Lex, unfortunately, there is no "lip" above the license plate on the MKX, under which you did a great job installing your camera. On the MKX the license plate is dropped under the bumper, and the rear hatch is virtually "smooth", except for the small hatch door handle in the center.... Google rear photo's on the MKX, you'll see the difference right away.


Off End, thanks I know the license plate versions have come a long way, but up here in Canada, when it comes to electronics, we seem to have the low-end garbage that you would find in your discount shops in the US. That being said you mentioned drilling another vehicle, but up here we have road salt and sand in the winter, so I'm leary about drilling into any metal body panels(rust out). And, unfortunately the same thing seems to occur with plate cams when they are made of metal, they peel, flake and rust, the plastic one's start to discolour due to UV & again the nasty anti-winter road agents(just can't stand up to the nasty salt & sand we use to give us traction in the winter).


I've done extensive research to try and incorporate a factory style onto the MKX, but keep on getting stumped. The rear hatch handle bezel seems to be the most logical place. It's a good place becuase there is only one small button in the middle to open the rear hatch the rest of the bezel is just space for hand grip. There is a decent amount of space on either side of the button and would still leave alot of space to grip(if your power liftgate isn't working). But this would take someone who definitely knows what they are doing, to alter & attach, the cam on the inside of the bezel. This option would give a view of the bumper & rear sorroundings(factory like install). I thought of another option which was to have a bullet cam drilled into the edge of the bezel, therefore if rust starts only the bezel is affected, but again, gotta know what you're doing.


I was enquiring if someone out there has defeated the elusive MKX and achieved a factory style install to get photo's/idea's to bring to the local car audio shop. Like I said before, they want to charge big bucks for a license plate install that I can obviously do myself. I am trying to acheive a professional/OEM style install esthetically & functionally.

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how about in that license plate recessed area, up under the lip overhang. OR, how about up under the rear spoiler?


IF you change your mind about doing a license plate cam, you let me know. I have one to sell, top of the line, unopened in box, with night vision and CCD I was going to use but I found a killer license plate frame I had to have, so could not use it.


BTW, above end mentions "bullet style camera" - this might be the actual option for you. I considered this as well. these are cameras that are flush mounted in the bumper and look like a reverse sensing sensor when mounted. need to drill a hole in the bumper, but when installed and flush mounted, pretty clean. I looked at a bunch on ebay ('rearview camera') when I was considering my options.. tons of styles and qualities, but for sure, you could do this option.



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Hey Guys & Gals,


Like I said I have done extensive research, I found out through youtube that the MKX is offered with a factory backup camera, the only problem is IT'S ONLY AVAILABLE IN in JAPAN... when will the car companies figure out with the WWW it's too hard to hide info from consumers!!!! Just watch the youtube vid's with Japanese writing, be patient and you'll se them demonstrating rear-view camera's, couldn't tell if they were also offered with factory HID's also(my other pet peeve).


I then went to Lincoln Japan and found the .PDF document


Checkout page 4 of this link:


http://www.ford.co.jp/servlet/BlobServer?b...rvalue2=inline; filename=download.pdf


It's offered as an accessory on the Japanese link, I think that's pretty sad if my supicions are right & the MKX is actually built here in North America and then shipped overseas. I'm used to not getting all the nice items for my previous vehicle(a Toyota 4-runner), understanding that the Japanese kept all the nicities for there consmers and we get the hand-me-downs, but for North American car companies to build here and not offer it's local market's what's being offered to the Japanese market is scandelous. OK I'M FINISHED MY RANT!!!


If anyone finds a picture of how the camera is installed on the Japanese version MKX could you please post it!!!



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