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PTU Seal


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I've been having the same recurring issues with my 2007 MKX AWD. FORD customer service is admitting they don't have a fix for this problem at the moment. Currently on my 4th seal replacement and 2nd PTU and still leaking. I'm surprised there hasn't been any class action lawsuit started against FORD on this matter. I wonder if dealers are telling customers about this issue they are unable to fix prior to selling any new Edges/MKXs?

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I can't imagine the PTO for the CX-7 and EDGE being dramatically different, I just had my seals replaced on the CX-7 (so have others with no recurring issues) and it's totally great.. of course it wasn't pouring out, and I've been living with it for a while now it seems. But it HAS to be fixable. I wouldn't be surprised if we did share PTU's/PTO's.

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