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Got an 09 Ford Edge - Question already


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So I have a 09 Ford edge and i wanted to see if anyone knew of a good indash dvd player to put in?? And if it would work with my controls on the steering wheel?






Hi Camry. :D Well, it is one of those multiple answer, answers. Yes, there are in-dash DVD Players available.


And there are kits that will allow some of the steering wheel buttons to work. But those who have these kits have stated that they are aggravating and the button replies are slow/delayed.


Unfortunately however, you will lose Sync if you replace the Factory head unit.


Good luck. :beerchug:

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thanks so much! I do not have sync in my car, so that wont be a problem.


Would you happen to know of any "good" in-dash? Thanks for all your help!





Hi Camry. :D You are welcome. I will leave the In dash DVD Player recommendations to others with more direct experience.


What I can recommend is this. Go to LINK: Crutchfield Electronics


Use the tools there to get some good ideas as to what is available and what you may like feature and price wise. You do not have to purchase from Crutchfield, just use their online tools to gain some knowledge. You can also call Crutchfield. They are very friendly and helpful, even if you do not purchase from them.


Of course there are other good websites and Sellers out there, this just happens to be one that I recommend.


Hope this information helps.


Good luck. :beerchug:

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I agree w the Crutchfield recommendation. They are a little more expensive than your local Best Buy, but.....


They know what will work (and what won't) and they'll ship it ASAP and you get a card for local installation (extra $).


My last car I put in radio w XM and the radio was great, the parts they sent to make it fit worked perfectly and the local installer I would have never found by myself did a really good job. Done in 1.5 hours - take the dash apart, install XM receiver and antenna, connect wires, etc.


It was a big job, I watched the whole thing. Never once had a problem in 2 years.

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