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From an 05 Explorer to an 08 MKX


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Hello everyone,


So, it was the wife's idea, but ultimately we ended up making a rather awesome deal. She had liked the Ice Blue for a long time, and we decided to pull the trigger. We ended up doing pretty well - NAV, THX, Ultimate and Elite Packages, and heated rear seats.




I've got some plans for this thing - I hope Steeda offers tunes that span across to our platform from the Edge, but I need to read more posts on this site. Most of my issues are related to the low and high beam lights right now (which I feel is rather inadequate even with projector lighting).


Hope to see everyone on the boards.

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DJ, I definitely agree. I will at least take the dealer logo off, and the LP frame is coming off too when we get our plates. I can't do EVERYTHING I want to do to this vehicle since the wifey will be driving it primarily.....you know how that goes.


But, there is a door ding and the thing still needs a make ready done on it (the wife wanted to get home so they did a half-assed job at our request and told us to come back this coming week). I'm gonna let them do that first sometime next week, and then it's coming OFF.


I'm then going to find whiter H11's and H9's, and fogs (are they H11 too?) and put some chrome amber lights in the turn signal spots. Bugs the hell outta me when that whole front end has the chrome look except for two rather amber lights in the turn indicator spots :)


Thanks DJ!

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