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Aftermarket Chrome Exhaust Tips

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I have an 07 Edge SE which has the dual exhaust but does not have the nice polished chrome exhaust tips that are on the SEL and Limited. Instead, it has some 3 inch metal flares back there, but they are not chrome. Budget is small. Has anyone seen a bolt-on chrome piece that will slide on over the factory 3 inch tips? Will those come off with either heat or a hammer and leave the 2 inch exhaust pipe intact? I've seen bolt-on tips that will go over the 2 inch pipes and take them to 3 inches. Looks like 3.25 or 3.5 inch would fill the bumper cutout better. Or do I need to go to a muffler shop and have some welded on?

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if budget is small, have you checked a place like Pep Boys, I have seen tips there surprisingly. Or, maybe try Google or eBay for affordable tips. There are lots of options out there from affordable to pricey really. I have not looked to see if our factory tips are removable.


Also, FYI, several people here have removed their stock exhaust and may have the tips you seek available to you.


post up in the classifieds, you might get a response, or search for like Gibson exhaust and PM those they removed their stock systems. IIRC, some did it on the SEL and that would have the tips you seek.

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Here are some pics of tips I had installed a few weeks ago. I wanted something that would fit the bumper cut out little better. In my unexpert opinion putting a round tip on an half moon or oval cut out just does not fit!


These tips are 4 inch oval outlets. Got them from Autobarn.com for $40 delivered, and yes they are stainless steel chrome finish.



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