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The nicest car weve ever owned


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Two weeks ago we noticed that our local dealer had a used Edge in there lot. It infact was a 2007 AWD SEL+. The car was originally built to be leased to a Ford employee for drive testing, and 15,000 miles later, we are the second owners. The rig has every option but one- the DVD player. Some of my more favorite options include the 2-person memory seat settings, dual automatic temp control, and the fact that when you turn on the wipers the headlights turn on. It also has the in dash navigation system, like i said FULLY loaded. The only reason the rig didn't have the DVD player is that in 2007 you had a choice between the DVD and the vista roof, and im very happy that they chose the vista roof. Since they wouldn't budge on the price, i had them install a remote start. Now both of our cars have remote start, which in northern ID, comes in handy. There was however two things missing that would normally come standard. For some reason they chose to cancel out the tire pressure monitoring system, and the daytime running lights. I don't really care about the DRLs because i plan on installing HID bulbs, but the TPMS would have been a nice feature. Today i added a 4 to 7 way adapter for trailer lights and plugged in a hitch to the tow package and towed a trailer down the highway and i was very happy with the acceleration and cruise control abilities. I am already a member of forums for my 68 F-250, 81 Suburban and my 95 Taurus, so i was quite pleased to learn that i can now be apart of yet another!

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I am pretty sure the TPMS was standard equipment in 2007 which I have. A SEL+ AWD like yours. The dealer can program in the DRL's which would cost you about half an hour of labor


Best of luck with it



The TPMS was a standard feature, however on the build sheet that i had them print out, it says that the TPMS was canceled by choice. I'm not sure why, but it isn't active and the light doesn't even come on when you start the car.

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