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Soon to be '09 Edge owner


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Hi. Our '07 Merc Mariner is up for lease return in a few months so we have decided to upgrade to an Edge this go around. Since leases are not really availible now we are going to be buying this one. My job provides us with a nice company vehicle that we can also use a second vehicle for us so only having one vehicle/insurance payment for the two of us is great and allows us to get something a little nicer and larger than the Escape/Mariner platform.


Anyway...we are looking at a FWD (don't need AWD) '09 Edge Limited in White Suede or Cinammon. I like the sport, wife doesn't really so a Limited should work fine and has most of the stuff we want anyway. We are going to opt for:


The vista roof, cargo pkg (power rear gate, etc), trailer tow pkg, and remote start even though I'll probably have to get a dealer to add it. Kinda leery of letting them put one on because of the messy job they did while putting the Sirius box in our Mariner when it was new but I guess this time I'll know to check it out before we actually take delivery of the Edge. The chrome 18" wheels are fine since I don't really like the design of the chrome 20" but otherwise I'd be all over them. Looked at the Nav option but I can't see how it is worth the extra cost but we'll see if I can be talked into it. I'm definately a techy kind of guy and love gadgets to mess with but we already own 2 Garmin GPS' that are at least able to be updated so we'll see.


Anyway, I've used similar online forums extensively in the past for other vehicles I've owned (like the '03 Ranger, '07 F150, etc.) to look for tasteful mods, how-tos, and other stuff and I try to help when I can too.

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Hi klc!

I too am expecting to get my '09 Edge Limited very soon! Although I did not get the trailer tow and remote start packages. (It'll have heated seats so I figure that should be at least as good as the remote start) To me, it seems like the navigation is a waste of money... Others might say they love their navigation system but it just seems kind of pricey to me for something my gps-cellphone can just as easily do. I would think the SYNC would keep you entertained as far as techy-stuff goes.


What mods have you considered for your new vehicle? I think I'm going to replace my tails and front signals to LEDs for my first mod.

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