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Question About Rims

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First off I'd like to say I'm new and hello to all Edge owners!

I'm going to be getting the edge within a month or 2 and it will be my first car EVER! :hyper:

(Used 2008 model with around 20k miles)


Since I've been saving up my money to buy a nice set of black rims (it is a black edge), I want to make sure I get the best thing I can


My brother years ago bought a non-factory (<Correct term haha?) pair of rims for his Mazda and the car never ran the same. We made sure all the specs of the rims were made to fit the car, and yet it didn't


So I'm here to ask, if anyone owns a pair of non-factory rims on their edges, could you tell me if any specific things I should look for in the rim, and does anyone have a good pair they'd like to share?


Thank you all

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I have a set of Giovanna black wheels on my edge. I had to purchase new sensors since I went from 18" to 20" and wanted to keep my 18's for my winter tires. After installing new wheels and sensors I had to bring it to the dealer to reset the sensors so they would communicate with the system, cost me 25$ to get them done plus 400$ for 4 sensors and strap. The place I bought the wheels from said that it was the correct offset for my Edge and they look good on with no problems at all.

Hope it helps.

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I have a set of gianna blitz wheels 22x9.5. They were balanced by discount tire, with no vibration problems. Discount tire also sold me the bands and tpms sensors for under $300.00, along with nitto 420s tires, size 285/35/22. Superbuy tires is also a good place to look for rims in the correct offset.


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