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Has anyone installed or had this installed? If so, how difficult is the job? The part number is 9G1Z-19G364-A. Thanks.


Have not installed that model, but I did use the wiring instructions from it and the Ford wiring diagram book to help me install a Python Responder One with a Dei PKFM XpressKit SoleX Platform PATS Transponder unit. Was way easier than I thought it would be, at least compared to years ago. 11 wires in all to the vehicle. I soldered all connections without cutting any vehicle wiring using a method similar to that outlined for the Ford 9G1Z-19G364-A. The hardest part was getting the steering column apart without breaking it. Since I soldered and took my time making everything perfect, it took about 6 hours total. Soldering joints like this by yourself is a real pain. The PATS bypass unit was easy to install too. Didn't have any programming issues and the range is great, especially for such a tiny remote. I highly recommend one of these over the Ford unit. It's the smallest 2-way long range remote start unit there is, smaller that the Edge key fob with the built-in key. Total cost was about $185, got both units from eBay.

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