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Launch Day Today - October 16, 2006

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Today October 16, 2006, the media is all over the story about launch of the Ford Edge / Lincoln MKX at the Oakville Assembly Complex (OAC). CTV online news appears to have the most varied coverage. Their webpage sports an article, pictures, videos, web links and a related stories section.



They present a detailed article about the first 2007 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX models. They mention the 'Great One', Ford of Canada's front man, Wayne Gretzky and his upcoming television commercials. CTV presents four pictures: a beautiful Ford Edge, the ceremonial handshake, an ariel view of the OAC, a snap from their video coverage.



In the video section there are two very good news segments that are about the today's launch. In the video 'CTV Toronto: John Musselman reports from Oakville, Ontario 1:37' the new vehicle is shown to arrive on the stage with celebrity occupants. Sound bites from dignitaries are also aired.


In the video 'CTV Toronto: Linda Sims speaks with Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford 2:16' Ford's new president, Alan Mulally gave a strong showing. He also had praise for the 4000 employees that had worked on getting the vehicles assembled.



Ford Edge website http://www.fordvehicles.com/crossovers/edge/allnew/

Lincoln MKX website http://www.lincoln.com/mkx/home.asp



And as an extra treat there is a link


to an earlier story 'Plant workers' strike disrupts Ford operations' That story covers the workers attempts to have Ford modernise the OAC facility. Their demands included that Ford's OAC become a customer of a gargantuan electrical co-generation installation, owned and operated by a 3rd party, but built on the OAC site. Ford OAC would use between 5 and 10% of the co-gen's proposed electrical output, but they could utilise all the co-gen's waste heat, that would otherwise be thrown away to the atmosphere. Co-gen, such a forward thinking operation would lower the negative environmental impact to the region. The assembly plant people would benefit by having a climate controlled workplace with winter heating and summer cooling, just like the Ford Windsor plant workers do already.


Here is the link to the superb CTV coverage:



Please post links to all the other news stories about this wonderful launch.

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