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first test drive thoughts


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I finally caught my local dealer with a few MKX's on the lot. For so long, any MKX they obtained sold the same day, sometimes only after a few hours.


I thought the transmission shifted very smoothly, much more so than my 2000 town car. Without the tachometer, there were some shifts I would have completely missed. I think the acceleration is very good. I didn't get to really test the breaks since I wouln't dream of doing that on a new car test drive.


I live in the south and today it was 90 degrees outside on a bright sunny day. I was happy to try the cooled seat option. I was dissappointed though to discover that only the horizontal bottom part of the seat and not the vertical back portion cools. Other than that, it works. The MKX I tested was black with a dark interior. I could see a mild reflection on the windshield but I don't think it would be a problem for me. I actually have slightly more of a reflection on the windshield of my town car and it has not been something I notice very often.


Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the interior trim. This is hard to pin down to specifics. It is just an overall felling when I compare the MKX to my town car. There seems to be more plastic. I was especially disappointed with the way the back of the front seat looks from the rear seat. Why does the seat track show so prominently on the floor from the back? This is not attractive at all.


For me, two of the big positives of Ford products that will go a long way in my decision about what car to buy next are the exterior keypad and the tap up and tap down feature on the cruise control. There are 2 very important items for me personally.


The MKX has been described as having a car like feel. For me, it still felt like a truck. This is just the feeling I had from sitting in the driver's seat. Maybe it is the way the dash and center console look. I am not sure. Maybe it was because I was sitting so much higher or couldn't see the front hood.


Anyone know if the remote start option will remain as an after market add on or if it will become a factory installed option for the '08 model?


I am one step closer to deciding.

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I have had an Edge for a service loaner for a week, while they are working on my son's F150. I am very impressed with the power and room in the vehicle. My wife complained that she is looking through the bottom of the windshield while in the passenger seat. I believe a power seat option for the passenger would cure that.


It takes a while to get used to the large A pillar, and allow for blind spot caution, but we have adjusted for it. Knowing where the front bumper ends is another adjustment. We stop way short in parking lots, just to make sure we are not close to another vehicle.


We have no interest in the glass roof and most that I have seen in dealer inventory include the roof with all but the base model. Will drive the MKX next to see if there is a better balance of the options we want without those we don't care for.


In all, we think the are great vehicles and certainly get a lot of attention. The burnt copper color is growing on me also - one way to be noticed in the crowd. :happy feet:

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