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Sync unsucessful... Sort of..

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Hello everyone!


I work for AT&T in Cumberland, MD and I had a customer in need of assistance today with her new phone. She explained to me that the phone connects fine and she is able to receive and make calls but for some reason, she can't use the voice dial feature she was able to use with her old phone.


I volunteered to go outside to set up her device and see what was happening with the phone. Surly enough, when she connected it, she can scroll through the contacts on her phone and make a call through the SYNC system but when she tried to use the hands free calling feature, it wouldn't connect.


We tried everything. Deleting the phone from the memory, deleting the SYNC from the phones memory, you name it. I checked out a compatibility list for phones tested with Ford and the Pantech Ease is listed as being able to connect and auto download the contacts but when I tried this feature, it says UNAVALIABLE.


I'm seriously at a loss here. So I thought I'd ask the professionals. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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