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Got my new Edge!


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post-782-1179456874_thumb.jpgGot my Red Fire Metallic Edge Saturday May 12. I love it so far. Only complaint is - where is the thermometer? I miss that bad. I traded an 05' F-150 FX4. I loved the truck, but not the MPG.


I installed my ham radio in the Edge Saturday night. It was almost like Ford had us hams in mind when they designed the Edge. The remote head for my Kenwood TM-D700a mounts perfect in the "cradle" on top of the center of the dash. The radio is under the driver's seat. My Diamond dualband antenna mounts perfect on the hatchback. This was the easiest installation of any vehicle I've owned.


I know most of you are not interested in the Amateur Radio part of it, but the Edge is a pleasure because of this particular installation (compared to past one's) and the surprising quietness of the Edge.


I wanted the Navigation System real bad, but I couldn't justify the $2,000 for it. I use a Garmin GPS system with my radio, so I suppose that will passify me, lol.


The smoothness of the shifting is a pleasure also. I watch the tach to see when I get into 6th gear. I like that 1400 rpm at 70 mph too.


The big windshield takes a little getting used to. At midday, reflection of the dash in the windshield seems to be a little annoying.


Ford could improve on the FM radio display. Daytime viewing of the display is limited. Being a radio "geek", I wish Ford would get a little more serious with the RDS system. RDS scan (seperate from the normal radio scan) would be nice.


Just got on here, so will be reading other post. Tnx.


Jeff D.


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Thermometer - hit "ext" between temp controls - voila - external temp.


I did splurge and got the NAV - love the touchscreen radio stuff... and all the GPS stuff.. very cool..


Enjoy.. its a great . I Love it


Tnx Edgy Girl. Mine doesn't have the "ext". Guess that's in the SEL+ or the ?? Package (sorry, can't remember what the package is called at present). Hmmm, wish I had known that. Tnx again.


Jeff D.

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Forgive my naivete but what is the white module on the rear of the roof near the spoiler? Something to do with the radio I presume?


Love the nick btw :happy feet:


No problem DJ Starr. That's a GPS antenna for my Garmin. I use the GPS with the radio to plot my position on other radio screens are computer "map" screens. The mode is called APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System).




This shows my last reported position this afternoon during my commute home from work.


Have a great evening. Bedtime here.


Jeff D.

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