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New owner here!


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Hello all, I recently lemon law'ed my Pontiac GTO and went shopping with my wife, we were looking at the Mustang GT, and after a test drive decided it wasn't as good as the old GTO, so our next car would be a mix between fun and practical, then her new car in a year would be all about fun. So, we're looking around, and came across the Edge, the dealership gave us a ridiculus price for the lease, an SE with a moonroof, for $425/mo!!!! We were so insulted we immediately left and went to a different Ford dealer, they gave us a quote for the lease at $395 for an SEL+ with everything but the NAV system which we don't need. So we went back to the first dealer, right to the manager, and told him what happened, he told us he had a fully loaded SEL+ with 17" wheels and no NAV, but it was in the colors we wanted... and he'd do it for $380/mo, AND the car would be ready by the time all the paperwork was done with tags, and insurance. I shook his hand and in an hour we drove away in a new car. My wife, daughter and I love it so far, still reading the manual and figuring things out, but what a smooth ride, good power, handling, and the vista roof just rocks, the stereo is as good as the GTO's was which is good, because it was really the only great thing about that car, well, that and the power, but the Edge is plenty quick for a 4500lb vehicle that can haul stuff.


So, hello!

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Congrats on the new ride! Wow, 380 /month. If you dont mind me asking, how much did you have to put down? I am very much in the market for a new Edge and will be purchasing within the next month; just wanted a little leverage when i walk in. Thanks


We put down right around $3000 which covered Tax, Title, and dealer fees as well as the first payment. I thought we did pretty well for a fully loaded one on Long Island.

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The exterior is Carbon Metallic, and the interior is Charcoal leather. We had the option of doing the Camel leather, but we have a 7 year old, and I don't know that a light color would have worked as well.

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