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Yet another happy owner!


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Picked up our creme brulee, black interior, SEL Plus on Saturday and am absolutely loving it! I really love how my garage smells like new car too.


We've barely spent a dime on our 96 Explorer that was paid for by 2000 so although we've been looking at new cars for 1 1/2 years, nothing we saw, sat in or drove convinced us we should replace it. When I first saw photos of the Edge last year I said to my husband, "That's it! That's our new car!". So we waited patiently for it to come out, loved it in person, still looked at everything new for 07 and 08 and nothing even came close in terms of bang for our buck. I was just so impressed with all the little extras that came on the Edge, whereas all the other cars were missing this or that.


Of course, having driven a 96 for so long it's not hard to impress me and I'm sure I'll be in "wow mode" for a while yet.


But this was just meant to be...after driving it a couple times in April and driving around the city looking at all the colours in person, we decided we wanted the creme brulee, black interior, SEL Plus and the dealership we'd spent most of our time at had one coming in mid-May, which was about 3 weeks away at that point. It came in exactly on time, we saw it and loved it and drove it off the lot on Saturday with 8k on it.


And best of all we've still got the Explorer which my husband will use with his company and I'm sure it will be as reliable as ever for years to come.


Anyway, I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of months now and want to thank everyone for all the information they've shared which was invaluable to us in our decision. Who can argue with so many happy owners. Thanks, everyone!

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It was your Edge enthusiam.... no worries.. I have gotten caught up in it too.


I am impressed with number of new owners joining - thats sooo cool.


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! I have seen several creme brulee's running around town and although I will stick with my Redfire, the Creme Brulee's do look nice.

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The creme brulee had to grow on me too. Another dealership had an SEL with camel interior (lovely but not what I wanted with kids) so we had seen it and even driven it around town but in the 3 week wait we had I started to have second thoughts. When I read on here about the new colours for 2008 we were "this close" to waiting for those to come out. We had put a conditional deposit on ours and when they called to tell us it arrived, I was fully expecting to pull our deposit....but then I saw it and it was love at first sight and I signed off on it in about 5 seconds!


It must have been the mood I was in because the dealership had 5 different colours on the lot and every one of them looked stunning that day!


There's a few Edge's kicking around my city here...yesterday I was driving across town and was wondering when I would see another one on the road. And not 5 seconds later a Dune Pearl is coming at me. We both craned our necks looking at each other. They really are sharp looking, in any colour.

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