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mirror removal


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got a 2007 edge sel. the car does not have an outside temperature gauge, so i bought a outside temp/compass rewar view mirror from the dealer parts dept. and plan to install it myself. the problem is the removal of the existing, (factory installed) rear view mirror. there seems to be some sort of spring clip that holds the mirror in place instead of a set screw. can't figure out how to release the spring clip to remove the mirror. any help or advice would be great. i don't want to damage the old mirror or the windshield!

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I replaced my mirror, as you are doing. After reading other posts of people breaking their windshields, I decided not to attempt it. I found a local place that did window tinting, and asked if they'd remove it for me, which they did for no charge. I watched them do it, and, if I had to do it again, I still wouldn't try it. He used a kind of bent tipped screw driver and put a towel between the windshield and the screwdriver, and used the windshield as a fulcrum to compress the spring.


I had a couple of issues from there. I have a 2010 SEL. The SYNC microphone is in the mirror, as well as the electronics for the OEM compass that reads out by the odometer. I don't used SYNC, so losing the Mic wasn't an issue. The replacement mirror has a compass so that wasn't an issue either. The problem was, with the OEM mirror disconnected, I would get a warning chime and a check compass message when I start it up. I found a workaround to stop the warning chime, so life is good. I really like having the temp readout in the mirror.

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