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Poor Gas Mileage on 07 Edge FWD


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Hi...I have an 07 Edge love the car with 1 exception..Poor gas mileage. Do u have the same problem? I get 200 miles on a full tank. I believe there's something wrong with mine. Took it to the dealer they reset the computer and its the same. According to the computer reading on the car its giving me 10.3 miles to a gallon not 19 or anything close. Can anyone help me with this problem. Thanks!

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Try a new air filter,my 2010 improved after change of filter after 17,500 miles ,Marty


I've changed the air filter still no change. Anything else???? the dealer is telling me there's nothing wrong with the Edge. I say there is when i'm getting only 200 miles to a full tank of gas and 10.3 miles to a gallon. thanks

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