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Last week I took my 2008 AWD Edge up to Blue Mountains for some skiing and to try out the new snow tires. I decided this

year to get a set of snows as the all season 20" tires that the Edge came with had over 115,000 KLM on them. Plus we have been

getting lake effect snow coming down almost non stop north of Toronto for almost all of December and it looks like January will be

no different.

Since I'm not a fan of the plastic chrome covered factory rims I mounted my snows on them and plan to look for some new aftermarket

rims in the spring.To say I was totally blown away how the Edge handled the snow, slush and ice with the Blizzack

tires would be an understatement.No problem going down a unplowed road with about about 16" of snow on it and backing thru a mound of

snow blocking the driveway into the cottage created by earlier passes by the plow. I have to admit that I started looking for tougher challanges

to see what the Edge and snow tires could handle. Anyways it was fun, but after playing in the snow and getting back onto the plowed roadways

I noticed that the Edge began to shake as if I had a flat tire (no indication of a flat on the TPM) and I knew I hadn't hit anything while driving

thru the snow. To be honest it felt like all of a sudden all 4 tires had became unbalanced. Well that is exactly what happened, the gaps in the

rims had filled with snow in various amounts and it was just enough to throw the wheels out of balance. Cleaned out the snow and the vibration

deminished and once I washed the Edge it was totally back to normal. Now I will keep a small snow brush handy to clean out the rims after

playing in the snow.

Glad I have a Ford .... Edge!


post-4808-035694300 1294628547_thumb.jpg

post-4808-050283100 1294628585_thumb.jpg

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