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AC Problems Ford Edge


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I have a 2008 Ford Edge and I live in Miami so a proper working ac is essential. When I first got the car it worked fine but the air flow became worse and worse as time went on. I did some research on the internet and I have fixed the problem and the air flow has returned and it is pumping out very cold air and full air.


The problem is with the ac cabin filter. This filter lays behind the glove box and in most models is a screen that can be cleaned and reinsterted or if it has a filter you can buy them at a local auto parts (motorcraft part that cost me $20.00). I saw one post where someone took it to dealer and paid $95.00 to clean and replace air filter...ouch...


Once I took off the glove box and opened up the filter the air instantly returned very strong. I had a screen and not a filter (returned the filter so I would recommend you do not buy a filter until you determine you have either a filter or screen).


Here are the steps to fix this and it takes about 10 minutes from start to finish...


1. Open the passengers side door, then open the glove compartment.


2. Remove the contents from the glove compartment.


3. Disconnect the string-hold from the right side of the glove compartment by unhooking the loop on the end of it from the plastic tab on the glove compartment.


4. Reach up to the top rear sides of the glove compartment and gently push in on its side to release the upper rear stops from their rails.


5. Allow the glove compartment to slowly pivot down towards the floorboard. This will reveal the cabin air filter access door behind the glove compartment.


6. Press in on the lock of the release tab for the cabin air filter access door on the left side and pull open the access door.


7. Slide the cabin air filter out of its compartment and if it is a screen clean it thoroughly and reinsert, if it is a filter either clean the filter or replace and reinsert.


8. Install the replacement cabin air filter and reverse the above steps to complete the task.


Turn on your ac and enjoy! This is a simple process that I plan on doing each time I change my oil.


If this helps let me know at jhorn7570@yahoo.com. Enjoy your Ford Edge!



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