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2011 Edge rear seat won't latch

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I took delivery of my new 2011 Edge Limited earlier this week. Both rear seats were folded down when it arrived from the other dealer where they sourced it from. When they went to clean it up and detail it to deliver it to me they found that one of the rear fold down seats would not fold back up and latch. It swings back into position but nothing can be felt catching at all, it's like there is no latch there at all even though I can lift up the carpet flap thing and see the mechanism is there.


I cycled the power release motor with the button in the back and I heard the motor cycle, but still there is no resistance at all when I move the seat back into the seating position. Has anyone else seen this? Is there any other tricks to it? The other rear seat folds and returns to it's position with a positive click every time, no issues there.




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