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  1. If the dealer isn't helping you b/c it did not act up for them, I'd video it on your phone when it happens so you have proof.
  2. richy

    Winter Tires - 2011 Ford Edge Sport

    I got my winter wheels and tires from the Rack and they have stood up well for the last 5 years. I went with Blizzaks. I use an 18" wheel for my winters and 20" are my stock ones.
  3. Yikes! I'm thinking an APC (all purpose cleaner) like Zep Citrus cut to 4:1 (water:product) along with a microfiber. Do NOT use a magic eraser on your leather. Follow that up with a microfiber soaked in either Optimum No Rinse or water that is well wrung out. Then dry it with another mf. Leather is porous and hopefully the zinc didn't re-dye that section. Ultima's Interior Guard is a great product for leather and plastic protection.
  4. I do still recommend CarPro's FlyByForte. What I like about it is that you do the blades as well. The key with any windshield coating is to thoroughly clean the glass prior to application. Be aggressive with the cleaning, not just window cleaner. Use a clay bar or a magic eraser with glass cleaner or steel wool dry to get the glass as clean and defect free as possible. Another product that does work well on glass, just not for a long time is Optimum Opti Seal. It absolutely rocks on paint and wheels and trim too, so it's a great product to have on hand.
  5. Wheel acid + Daytona brush
  6. I really hope they've improved it with the new design!
  7. richy

    Vista Roof closes in 6.5 seconds!

    Awesome! I'm assuming you ran the grease along all 5 rails that you cleaned? Thanks again for taking the time to do the video!
  8. richy

    Vista Roof closes in 6.5 seconds!

    I'd really like to see the video too to know where to put it. I already have some of that grease for my old motorcycle.
  9. There's lots of roads that lead to Rome. I use completely different products but as long as you're happy with them, that's all that matters.
  10. We are driving to Myrtle Beach tomorrow and my L Amber turn signal/DRL burned out. I got a replacement and decided to do it myself. Unfortunately there isn't a good video tutorial on YT which is how I often learn how to do stuff. One website I did find (and I seem to reading this elsewhere too) was that it had to be accessed via the front wheel well. I did loosen it but I could not remove it from the socket due to being blocked from behind. I was able to remove it and change the bulb from inside the hood. It took quite a while of fiddling and swearing to get the new one in. I HATE THAT DESIGN!!!
  11. richy

    Cleaning the Engine

    Nope, nor do I start it afterward.
  12. Once you've moved the seat as far back as you can with the electric switch, then push downward on the switch to lower the seat. You will find that as it lowers, it will go back further too.
  13. The HK Revel system sounds interesting.
  14. I've had both and prefer the charcoal. Maybe it's just marketing? I don't know. I'll probably keep buying the charcoal from Rock Auto or somewhere similar. Not really a whole lot more $.
  15. richy

    Cleaning the Engine

    I've washed mine on my MKX a few times. Power wash gently and then spray Zep purple degreaser and agitate. Power wash rinse thoroughly. Dry with a leaf blower. Dress the plastic for the win.