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Rear view camera not leveled.

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The rear view camera on my Edge is not correctly leveled, when it is you see part of the rear bumper and it is a perfectly horizontal line, so I found myself parking incorrectly, which I never do, so after wondering what was going wrong with me, I found that the camera is twisted a few degrees, so when going reverse, the assist lines show me something that is of course, incorrect. When asked to the service rep at the dealer, he was like. Well, you can totally trust that, it can be like a foot off... which I think is totally BS... how can put something like that to not to be trusted??? Should I demand them to get it calibrated so it is straight? Or is being too picky??




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well.... took the car in, and after two hours of waiting in there, the answer was, we can not find anything wrong with it.... there i nothing to adjust, and it i just a degree off, which is totally normal, it can be off by a foot (his exact words) manual says that can not be trusted and that you have to use other aids to park too.... which I think is total BS, I have read the manual from start to end several times and it does not say something like that anywhere.


look at the pictures, that this is off by about 20 degrees.....


Now they ask me to take the car on Tuesday for the whole day... what really bothers me is them trying to talk me out of getting it fixed... the technician looks ate me like if I am a crazy moron...

post-13775-017410800 1298825735_thumb.jpg

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Did you ever get this resolved?


Well.... after two days of leaving my car at the shop.... after they calling me the first day saying that they need another day because the camera was still not straight, and after calling me next day saying that all was perfect.... I'll let you be the judge if it was fixed or not, Look at the pictures and check if you can tell was the before and the after.....

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Well... dealer sent me a copy of the chat with their own technical support hotline.... Ford is practically telling...screw you...it is what it is... there is no way to install it in other way.


I guess I will have to do it myself....

I noticed after my update to 2.7 that the filed of view was much wider on the backup camera.

If you can get your dealer to install 2.7, it may resolve your issue.

Have you ever pulled fuse 29? I wonder if that would help.

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Yes,I pulled it, but unless there is a "rotation" setting on the setup menu they can access and we can't. For me it is a matter of how the camera is mounted. Or that the technician knows nothing about what he is doing. I was told that they updated to 2.7 and it is not.... and they swear they did it..... so not sure how competent they really are.

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