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  1. I will believe these claims of CarPlay or other features when I see it on the showroom floor. I'm still jaded from the promises released 6yrs ago. MFT was supposed to get app link...I'm still waiting. Yeah. I know they changed the software to Sync 3 and all that but I still don't trust the Ford marketing claims. I feel they are just saying buzz words to get in the press. In the meantime, I'm shopping GM and/or Chrysler.
  2. wilsons66604

    Disappearing back-up guidelines grrrr

    Welcome to MyFordTouch!!! I used to pull a fuse to get the system to reboot. Look in the menus for the option to do a similar reset. You might also make sure you have the latest version. Ford recently released a new version for our version of MyFordTouch
  3. Apple maps opened ok for me when I asked Siri for directions to home. Apple wants you to stay with it's maps and other apps. There used to be a feature where you could ask Siri for directions via transit and she would open google maps. Looks like Apple has squashed that Easter egg.
  4. I was glad to see Ford released an update that allows me to go around it's crappy MyFord touch interface and go directly to SIRI! THANK YOU FORD! The past few months I have been car shopping. I see where Ford has a few new versions of sync. As far as I can tell, Ford is confused about the direction they should go. Is Sync 3 actually based on blackberry?? WTF I also noticed a press release that promised more support for Car Play will be coming. This is the same type of crap I heard 6yrs ago when they said my Edge's MFT would get Applink. (I guess they finally did it in Sync 3) Well, This confused tech direction is keeping me out of the Ford show rooms. The GMC looks pretty interesting since it has CarPlay.
  5. wilsons66604

    Think my Edge is electronically possessed... lol

    I frequently have the issue with the car not thinking it is in Park. When that happens, I have to restart car and slam the shifter into park. I am thinking it must be a worn out switch. What did they do to fix your issue? Was it expensive?
  6. wilsons66604

    Push Button Start Issues

    I have had this issue a few times over the years. This prompted me to put a new battery into my fob at least once. Other times I have found that I would have to get out of car, close door then re-enter to get the car to see my fob. Are you aware that you can place the key fob in an area of the center console when the fob stops being recognized by the car? It will allow you to start the car. It's a back up for when the battery dies in your fob.
  7. There are so many flavors of software out there now. Website shows my 2011 Edge as having Gen2 V3.6.2 from 2013 My wife's 2015 Escape is Gen2 V3.7.11 from Oct 2014 (Yes. we did get our Edge's at about the same time. I think you helped me locate the train my car was on)
  8. Hi. It's been 5yrs for me too. Have you tried moving the shift lever around? Could it be that the lever is not operating the switch to tell the camera that you are in reverse? I mention this because my shift lever sometimes doesn't realize I put the car in Park. (The MFT complains about leaving the car when not in park) Regardless, i would take it in to see what the issue is. It may be covered
  9. wilsons66604

    No more posting information for this member!!!

    Hey. I just noticed I have 2 warning points Wonder what tha I s that all about? I bet it's because I disagreed with the wrong person
  10. wilsons66604

    No more posting information for this member!!!

    Well put! I quit coming because of the know it all moderator.
  11. wilsons66604

    MyFord Touch version 3.6

    I noticed the fix for the broken GPS they put in place. They simply removed the GPS icon with the X through it. Yesterday, My GPS was way out of sync. It had me driving SIDEWAYS a mile from my location. There was no icon showing that the GPS was not working.
  12. wilsons66604

    MyFord Touch version 3.6

    Just for grins, I went into the network setup and was able to connect Sync to my garage's WiFi. I then set my Edge to be an access point and was able to connect to my Edge with my phone. Wow....wait. When I tried to surf the internet on my phone, I had no internet access. Why is Ford retaining this useless feature of WiFi?
  13. I had the TSB for the transmission done a few years ago and the symptoms have returned. Thinking it had something to do with the programming, I decided to try driving in manual mode. Forcing late up-shifts and early down-shifts. i did this for a couple of short commutes. Call me crazy but I think the issue is resolved...for now Smooth shifts and no CLUNKS. Try it and see if it helps you.
  14. wilsons66604

    Ford sued over MFT

    The point I tried to make in the initial post.. I was not alone in my feelings of being decieved with the intial claims by Ford. The moderator of this forum argues with me for reasons that escape me. That is why I have not been visiting this AD SUPPORTED forum on a regular basis.
  15. wilsons66604

    Ford sued over MFT

    Back in 2010 & 2011, I voiced my opinion that I felt Ford had decieved me with their bogus marketing claims. I was promptly chatissed by the Ford Fan Boys on this forum. I was told I should not speak my mind unless I agreed with the Fan Boy(s). Well, a few years have past and several more people purchased Fords with MFT. Now there is a Class action law suit. The law suit alleges that MyFord Touch "has been an unmitigated disaster for Ford" and accuses the company of "unfair, deceptive, and/or fraudulent business practices" and "failure to disclose defects in the MyFord Touch system" that led auto owners to "[suffer] losses in money and/or property." Exactly what I was saying 3 years ago!! http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/18/4534786/ford-sued-over-myford-touch-system-glitches