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HIR 2 Headlights for 2011 Edge Sport

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The 2011 Ford Edge Sport Owners Manual lists the HIR 2 as the headlight bulb for this model.

Does anyone know the brand of HIR 2 bulb that Ford has installed in the 2011 Sports?


My 2011 Sport headlights aren't very bright. I'd like to replace the current bulbs with something brighter and would love some guidance from other 2011 Sport owners.

I found that Philips has a 3rd Generation HIR 2 bulb on the market. Is this an upgrade to what Ford installed or is it the same exact bulb?

Thank you all in advance for your advice and shared experiences.

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The HIR2 is a 9012 bulb. It is intended for low beam use and is about as good as it gets for a legal 55 watt bulb (1870 Lumens) that will focus properly in your housing. The HIR1 is a 9011 bulb intende for high beam use and it puts out a huge 2350 Lumens output and draws 65 watts.


If Ford used a low beam bulb in a high beam position then I could understand your concern for more light. I run the HIR1 in my 2007 Edge and am very pleased with its light output.


The new HIR2 bulb claims to be a true HIR type bulb with a slight increase in output. Toshiba has apparently stopped making the HIR2 bulb.

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