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Deposit paid on my order - 2011 Edge Sport


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Hi everyone. Been reading a multitude of your posts. Love the Forum, seems very much to be a mixture of people who love their Edges, lists of possible things that can go wrong and faults, and people with cool ideas on upgrading - all very interesting reading.


I'm originally from England, but have worked in the US for a few years (North Carolina) but now live in Dubai UAE. I understand that the UK isn't selling the Edge, but I remembered it fondly from my time in NC. Here at the moment I have a Lancer, and was thinking of sticking with Mitsubishi, I've never had a problem with either of my two Lancers. However, I've always been found of Fords, I've had (UK models) a Cortina MK4, Sierra, Capri 2.0S and a little (but very reliable) Escort.


Out here in Dubai, fuel is very cheap, and many locals and ex-pats are driving big 4x4s. I wandered into the Ford Showroom, and immediately fell in love with the newer Edge, particularly the Sports wheels. Initially, I couldn't make my mind up about colour, I was dithering between Silver and Blue, and even considered the Candy Red (normally, I would 'do' red cars.) One of the assistants took me underground to their storage where I could see what the colours really looked like from some Edges and Lincolns in stock - I settled for a white. Now, having seen pictures of people white Edge Sports - I know I made the right choice - gorgeous.


Mine doesn't even enter the country until August, so plenty of time to think about what to do with it. I will definitely tint to two remaining side windows with 30% - but will hang fire with everything else.


Locking nuts might be worth while, but I've not heard of anyone here ever having wheels stolen - it just doesn't happen here. I'm not quite sure about Navigation - I don't think it was an option here. The Middle East seems a little behind on that front - I'll play it by ear and might just settle for a portable Garmin. I'd prefer a TomTom, but their newly released maps for Dubai are very poor.


Anyway, great furum :yup:

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