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Retro Solutions HID Digital - Any easy way to tell positive on OM harness?

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Its a holiday Friday and thought it would be a good day to do the RS HID install. Everything is mounted, and now the wiring begins.


Does anyone have a clear way to identify what side is positive/negative on the '07 OM Edge headlight harness? I'm at the point of plugging in the adapter connection

from the 'Edge Specific Harness' to the OM Ford Harness. The original halogen H11 bulb is keyed and only plugs in one way. The RS adapter will go either way into

the OM harness.


I don't want to take the chance of getting this backwards and frying something. I don't have a meter handy... Is there an easier way? I don't see an identifible markings

like some have mentioned on the MKX having an 'A' and 'B'.

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