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Hello to all. Just about 1,000 miles on a month old 2011 Edge. No Complaints. Got the 20" wheel option and was slightly disappointed that the polished wheels were plastic covers. They look great and they fooled me until I cleaned them the first time. Not a big deal though.


My Touch and SYNC take a little getting used to. Like them very much. I think the features are a bit too robust for most of us. Way too many options, and it will take me some time to learn as much as I need to know.

So far my experience with the Navigation system has been ok. I think I like to plug in the address manually as opposed to speaking it.


Love the idea of local sports, news, weather all being available. Not completely necessary but neat none the less. Satisfied with the Sony Sound system and can't live without Sirius Radio.


I had the car on a 2 hour highway trip; my impressions with the adaptive cruise control and the BLISS system are very positive. Adaptive cruise takes a bit of getting used to. It is a little different to feel a car slowing down "all by itself" to allow for a larger gap between you and the vehicle directly in front of you. The system works as advertised and once you adapt driving habits after learning what the adaptive cruise does I think you will love it.


BLISS is something that one can get used to very quickly and seems to be one of those ideas that should be standard equipment in all cars at some point. I think BLISS is great. Not a complete substitute for a turn of the head but is really really nice to have.


So far I have washed the car a couple of times and paid particular attention to fit and finish. In my opinion both are good. Seams are uniform. Paint finish and quality are very good (in my opinion) We chose Tuxedo Black and understand that black cars are hard to keep clean, but it looks great clean. Ride is quiet with no rattles or buzzes (yet) and low road noise.


Too add a little balance to my first impressions and my first post on this forum. I am not happy with the mileage I am getting right now. 3.5L AWD is getting about 16 MPG CITY. I am hoping that this number gets up to somewhere closer to 20 MPG at some point. Not enough highway miles to make a good estimate on highway MPG. In fairness I usually don't start checking mileage until about 2 or 3 thousand miles are on the vehicle.


That's it for now. First evening as a member of the forum. Hoping to learn from other members as much as I can.

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