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Thinking of buying an EDGE


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I, am thinking about purchasing my wife a low mileage 08' or newer Ford Edge. I am not very familiar with the EDGE'S, and would appreciate and pro's/cons of these vehicles. I have been a life long Ford driver, my wifes current car is a 05' Ford Five Hundred. The transmission wen out last week, and am very dissappointed in the car. I have read alot of forums since saying Ford new they had trouble with those transmissions, but didn't stand behind them. I am going to sell that after repairing, and buy something different. I like the look of the Edges and would like to find out about any opinions on these vehicles. I don' want to have to go buy a GM (Government Motors) product. Even though the Chevy Traverse looks pretty nice as well. Please help me with my decision.

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