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Buying a MKX weird lug nut question


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Our family is growing and we need something a little larger for my wife so we're picking up a lincoln mkx.



I was just wondering if all MKX lug nuts are open ended nuts or if the one i'll be purchasing is strange?




I was told it was stock and that the center cap protects the wheel studs/lugs from rust but obviously water and salt will get it their causing problems. Anybody have problems with their lug nuts rusting under their center caps?


Up here in Canada so salt is abundant!

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Generally when you get a wheel that has a center cap covering the lug nuts the nuts are of the exposed variety. Usually this is because the closed ended ones are longer and will not permit the center cap to mount properly. That said the center cap is good at protecting against elements and generally will not have a issue. If your concerned about rust causing the lugnuts to sieze on the lugs you can put a bit of antisieze compound on the lugs...

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