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Removing DVD headrests?

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I got the dual headrest option in my 2011 Sport. I didnt want it, but it was in the one I bought. It came with the wireless headphones and remotes also.


So I done a lot of audio installs in my day, but never video. so i have some real basic questions. Are these Ford headrests already connected to my head unit?? Or do you have to plug in a separate source through the A/V cable connection on the headrest itself?


I am planning on removing them for sale most likely. Even though I have a 5 month old and could use them later, its a big risk for theft around here. Plus I'm one of the people that things my kid watches enough TV at home and doesnt need to watch TV in the car also.


It was a $2000 option on my build sheet, but i wouldnt imagine they can sell for anything close to that, right? I'll have to research and see if any have sold around here..

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