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Power steering leak


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I have a 2007 ford edge that has started leaking power steering fluid. I have tried looking for a diagram from a repair manual online so i can attack the job with no result.


does anyone have a repair manual diagram or some type of instructional site for this repair? I would truly appreciate it



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Sorry I can't be of more help, but in the meantime, get some "Stop Leak" power steering fluid.


I had a slow PS fluid leak in my old Pontiac Grand Prix. Using that stop leak fluid may the problem manageable for the mean time since I'll be getting rid of it soon.

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My pressure hose got a leak in it that was concealed by the heat wrap where it passes the cat. converter, couldn't really be sure where or why the leak was, but the connection at the pump was dry where it had a slow drip coming off the rubber hose section, and it was dry all along the metal section leading to the steering valve body. SO GLAD mine isn't AWD or the space occupied by the PTU would have made this all multiples more difficult. Anyway after replacing the $50-ish part (glad I had close-quarter ratcheting box wrenches for that banjo bolt on the pump end of it) - found a soft or kinked-during-assembly weird spot just above the crimped connection to the metal line, and stripping away the heat wrap, could see the impression of the fabric of the heat wrap on the surface of the rubber hose at that area, telling me it was bloating under pressure there and in some integrity trouble I wasn't willing to risk putting off replacing it and have it possibly blow out when I'd neither the time or cash to handle it...a minor whew, but probably an isolated quality glitch that not many folks will experience, but thought I'd post just in case it helps someone...

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