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  1. Paul79UF

    What do people do that irritates you?

    I really hate those people too. You can actually see less and less people using their signal lights as I drive from North Florida down to Miami to visit my parents. I'd love to be a cop for just one day in South Florida and pull over everyone who doesn't signal while cutting off other drivers.
  2. Paul79UF

    plasti dipped my wheels

    That wheel looks mean. Do you pics of the final product on the car. I'd also recommend to anyone painting parts of their car to try using painters tape and plastic sheeting or garbage bags to protect other parts of the paint.
  3. Paul79UF

    Squeaking brakes in Reverse

    I used to have a similar problem on a different car. The next time I changed the pads, I used some CRC Disc Brake Quiet Gel. It's this orange goop that you apply to the rear of the pads where they come in contact with the brake caliper. Since then, the brakes have been very quiet. I found a pic of the product for you -
  4. Paul79UF

    Capital One Blank check

    If you belong to AAA they offer 2.35% for 60 months. I'm not sure how strict they are on credit rating for that interest rate though.
  5. Paul79UF

    Bought 2011 Explorer

    You traded in a 2011 Taurus? Was it a lemon or did you really hate it for some reason? Congrats on the new Explorer I had an Expedition and large SUVs can be awesome for road trips.
  6. I've been using dryer sheets to remove bugs from our cars for a few years now with no ill effects to the paint. I've used them on a Toyota, a Pontiac, a Honda and the Edge. I didn't believe it when I read about it on a forum a few years ago, but it works well. Just wet down the paint real well and also the dryer sheet. Then rub gently and watch the bugs slide right off.
  7. I read about using fabric softener dryer sheets to remove love bugs a few years ago. I've been using them every love bug season since then to get those suckers off. They work pretty well. I just wet everything down and gently rub with the sheet. It doesn't cause any paint damage. Any brand should work. I have the Kirkland (Costco) sheets.
  8. Paul79UF

    Brake question - New edge owner

    Replacing the pads is easy, and the rotors aren't much harder. If you buy it, I'd recommend getting new rotors and ceramic pads from Advance Auto Parts. I always order online with one of the discount codes they send to my email (far too often) or at least the "P20" 20% off code that always works. Good luck
  9. Paul79UF

    Power steering leak

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but in the meantime, get some "Stop Leak" power steering fluid. I had a slow PS fluid leak in my old Pontiac Grand Prix. Using that stop leak fluid may the problem manageable for the mean time since I'll be getting rid of it soon.
  10. Paul79UF

    Hot Wheels sets 322 ft record jump!

    Awesome! I loved the shot of the shock absorbers compressing. Reminds me of the monster truck show I went to in Tampa. I didn't think I would have so much fun. You just can't resist smiling when you see stuff like this. Thanks
  11. Paul79UF

    GM Main Street In Motion

    I'm planning on going to the GM Main Street In Motion event coming up in September over in Tampa. Any already gone or going to one of these events? Here's the site - http://www.mainstreetinmotion.com/ I'm hoping to drive the Volt.
  12. Paul79UF

    Oil Change

    I live in South Florida where it can get really really hot, so I do some maintenance using the "severe conditions" timeline. Every 5k miles is fine, especially if you use synthetic.
  13. Paul79UF

    Ford Edge Sport gets Mustang engine

    That's good news. I really like the specs on that V6 Mustang engine. I'd also like to see them drop in a dual turbo 4 cylinder. That would make it quick off the line and get better MPG on the highway.
  14. Paul79UF

    9 ways to ruin your Paint

    I'm guilty of using a sponge after dropping it. I do rinse it thoroughly. I think I'll follow that list more closely when I get a new car.
  15. Paul79UF

    Detailed Edge

    Looks great, and sweet house too. I'm a Zaino zombie myself, but I can't argue with those results.