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Voice Recognition Problem

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My new 2011 SEL has had some trouble recognizing my commands since day 1, but I usually managed to get it to understand. After uploading photos for new screen wallpaper using an SD card, voice recognition still speaks to me but does not hear my responses at all. It asks me to try again and finally says to ask for help. It does not even recognize "HELP." Is there a way to reset or reboot it without going to the dealer?


Love the car and the ride, but the learning curve is steep on the touch system.

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I was having the same issues, mostly with the "services" option though. I took it to the dealer and they did an update. My first couple tests worked fine but I haven't had much of a chance to truly test it. Before the update, I would take it off the bluetooth and just talk through my phone and it would work so it had to be the microphone or computer in the car. I also have the 11 SEL. Good Luck.

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