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Passanger Side Noise

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#21 OFFLINE   jiml


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Posted 11 February 2011 - 12:37 PM

Okay, I have an update. I emailed another member on here and they told me what the dealer found on their car. Seemed to be the plastic under the wheel well that is clipped in was a little loose. Well I had some foam material that I temporarily put behind the plastic in the wheel well near the clips and it stopped the noise. It did sound like it was coming from the windshield area, but it was the wheel well plastic. The clips werejust lose enough to cause this rattle. There is no way to tighten the exisiting clips so I am assuming they will use different ones or put a rubber gromet behind each clip. We'll see I guess. I am going to the dealer tomorrow, Thursday, so I will post the fix. Thank you everyone for all of your input.

I have a 2010 edge which I have brought to the dealer 5 times for wind nosise from the passanger side (door , window?) The last time they had a Ford tech drive it with a device to measure the sound. I was told that the sound was normal and equal on both sides, though no one who rides in the car agrees. They did visually notice that the weather stripping was sticking out on the passanger side door and not anywhere else and havesaid they will replace it even though they do not think that is the problem. I will let you know if this fixes the issue. I am interested in the loose clip in the wheel well issue, did that cause a wind type of noise in the cabin

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#22 OFFLINE   joeandbeth


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Posted 16 March 2011 - 11:12 AM

I hope this conversation will help me. I have taken my car back to the dealer three times only for them to say they could not hear anything. I too think at times it comes from the glove box but most of the time my ear seems to think it is coming from the control panel. The noise I hear is a sound best described as a Beebe in a plastic cup vibrating around. Is this the similar metallic/mechanical noise that is caused by the well? I will look at mine today to see if I can determine where the clips in question are located. I hope to find them loose on the driver side, which may be a fix for me as well. I have put my hand in the glove box looked under the dash and have yet to find anything that would make the noise. It mostly does it when the car hits a few bumps or driving down a highway that has expansion joints. Once it starts making the noise it seems to keep doing it for a while. Let me know if this sounds familiar to your experience. The last time I brought it in I took them for a ride and hit a manhole cover which got it to start the noise. They heard it and said they would research and call me. It was obvious to me they were done and sure enough I did not get a call back. I hope to figure it out and take it to a different dealer.

On the funny side: I found a door hinge bolt wedged in the driver door between the rubber housing that goes from the door to the car. Guess it was dropped in assembly: not the noise.

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#23 OFFLINE   joeandbeth


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Posted 26 March 2011 - 08:55 PM

That was the cause of the noise. Infact, the I was missing a plastic push fastner all together. The fender was not machine with a hole for on of the the larger ones on the driver side, so in assembly they just let it go through this way. Quality is not job one it appears, based on my finding. Still like the car but I hope there are no more short cuts to be found. Thanks to all of you that figured it out. It did not sound like a noise caused by the exterior. Would have sworn that it was in the dash.

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Posted 06 November 2017 - 08:20 PM

I know this is an old thread, but I've got a 2011 MKX with 60000kms that just recently purchased.  The next day I got a "Shift To Par" error when the car was actually in park, so I brought it in for service and thats when the rattling/ buzzing noise happened began.  It sounds like its coming from behind the centre front compartment (where the SD cards in USB connectors are).  I completely removed the console and placed foam everywhere I could think the noise could be coming from, but I haven't had any luck fixing the problem

Has anyone experience something similar?  Please Help!  Its driving me crazy!!!

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