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MKX IPC swap with Ford Performance and Edge graphics installed. Other than running the LMS E30 tune, its my favorite change so far.

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7 hours ago, CameronDouglas said:

how much was this to do total?


IIRC my swap was between $6-$700.

Lenses/ mask,




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onyxbfly is correct.


Mine would have been $650, but I wanted the EDGE and Ford Performance graphics installed as well. Unfortunately the Edge firmware would not accept the graphics pack. The person that did this for me had to go through a third party since he does these for the Ford Fusions, but has never worked  on the Edge before now. Now that he has the modified firmware, he can do more of them if anyone is interested. He also has a few of the masks for the Edge which can be the biggest challenge to source. His IPCs are truly plug and play with no programming needed on your side. His name is Robert Ingle and can be found on FaceBook. 

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On 4/26/2021 at 11:58 AM, SidneyAks said:

Any chance you could post a video of what going through the various menus and huds looks like?

I'll try to put something together soon

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